M.O.B.S.ter Beatdown!

Date: 7/9/2022
AO: #ao-mastodon
PAX: @Sparrow, @Deaddrop (2.0), @Eggdrop (2.0), @Bumble, @Jailbreak, @Maniac, @Jazz Handz, @TBTF, @Hancock, @Crack, @Noodles
FNGs: 0
Q: @Noodles
Total: 11

Unintentionally, the beatdown today was very IronPax like. There was chatter inquiring about IronPax and what it was. Hopefully, this beatdown answered some questions and motivated some PAX to challenge themselves in the coming month.

Warm-Up: Motivators x7, Arm Circles Forward/Backward, Michael Phelps, Yoga Squat (Malasala) position.

Thang 1:

Designated 400 meters around baseball field. The Pax completed the following:

Round 1: Merkins, Overhead Press, Burpess, Squats (x10 each), 1 lap (400m)
Round 2: Exercise Reps (20x each), 2 laps (800m)
Round 3: Exercise Reps (30x each), 3 laps (1200m)
Round 4: Exercise Reps (40x each), 4 laps (1600m)

MoM: Cobra to Upward Dog x10, Bird Dog x10, Two-Knee Twist Right/Leg

CoT: Prayers for @Bank’s and @SAGA’s health and recovery from injuries. @Jazz Handz’ friend and his health. @Maniac’s block party and establishing community with neighbors. Prayers for anything else that I may have forgotten.