Dirty Mac Deuce and some of Seven of Diamonds

Date: Tuesday, 08/30/22
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @LeMond @Tortuga @Panhandle @Da Vinci @Pat-Down @Majorette @Spokes @Jolly @Big Mac @wet burrito @Maniac @T-bone @Giggles @Hancock @Pool Boy @TBTF @Gummi Bear @Captain Crunch (AJ) @Beaker
FNGs: 0
Q: @Beaker
Total: 19

WOR: A quick lap around the parking lot, 15 ic mountain man poopers, 15 Moroccan night clubs, 20 bat wings, Michael Phelps oyo, 10 tappy taps, mosey to Hoffa with coupons.

Thang 1: My take on a Dirty MacDeuce
Pax complete a set of 3 exercises ic, 12 reps to a four count cadence, then recovered with a redrum. We completed four sets (and 3 redrums) and then moseyed to the baseball diamond.

Sets 1 and 3:
Curls for the gurls
Air Thrusters
Flutters with coupon extension

Sets 2 and 4:
Bent over rows
Monkey humpers
American hammers with coupons

Thang 2: 7 of Diamonds
PAX start at a base/plate, bear crawl to the next one, complete 7 diamond merkins, and repeat until the bases have been circled. We did not get to rounds 2-4. Mosey to Hoffa, pick up coupons, and return to the "flag."

Mary: 2 minutes of boat canoe in the parking lot.

Moleskin: Your role as husband and father is a unique gift. No one else has the access and ability support your M and 2.0s like you do. This a gift to you, and to them. Use it wisely when it is the least natural.