Date: Saturday, 10/29/2022
AO: #ao_tar_pit
PAX: @Noodles @Tortuga @Da Vinci@Hershey @Jolly @Panhandle @wet burrito @Bo-Peep @T-bone @Sparrow @SAGA
FNGs: 0
Total: 11

WOR: goof balls / arm circles / mtn climbers / T-Bone burpees / tappy taps

THANG 1: Partner Farmer’s Carry
1 PAX farmer carries out 100 yards while partner merkins & PAX leaves coupons and sprints back to do merkins while other PAX sprints to get coupons and farmer carry them back

Then do a round with BBSU

THANG 2: Coupon Mileage
ROUND 1: 10 Blockees @ start then Rifle Carry around far curve for 10 Blockees and leave coupons and run around back to coupons for 10 Blockees & Rifle Carry back to start
ROUND 2: same as above w/20 Thrusters
ROUND 3: same as above w/30 Goblet Squats
ROUND 4: complete 40 Curls and then run I lap back to start

Mary: 42 4-count flutters …

Moleskin: You can do hard things. Do them with others and in a small loop and you can do hard things even better.