11/10/22 Game of the Year

Backblast: Game of the Year
Date: 11/10/2022
AO: #ao_mastadon
PAX: @Hancock @Giggles @T-bone @Jolly @bigblue @Archive @Pool Boy @Dilbert @Jan Hus @Majorette @Sparrow @SAGA @Da Vinci @Aloha @Shiplap @Panhandle @Bo-Peep @Stock boy @Maniac @Panda Express @Tortuga
FNGs: 0

Q: @Tortuga
Total: 21

WOR: motivators x7, goof balls, Abe Vigodas, T-bone burpees

Thang 1: 30 burpees, up and down Hoffa, line up in order of finish.

Thang 2: Partners were determined by finish order. Top two, next two, etc. One partner is on team A, the other is on team B.
Good form, add-on challenge:
Pick an exercise. Start with one rep. One goes, the partner demands good form. One warning, next break from form ends attempt. Next guy does two. First guy does three. Go to failure or agreed upon max reps. May choose to add two or more each time instead of one.
Alternate who chooses the challenge. Can be a “Who can go the longest?” and just do it together. Wall sit, handstand, plank, farmers carry, rifle carry, be creative.

Two Kubb sets set up to knock down. Winner gets three tosses. Loser gets one. Max reps gets one throw each. Pin knock down earns one broad jump burpee king move. Farthest king wins.

Whole group started with thrusters. @Bo-Peep and @Stock boy went forever.

Team B was victorious.

Mary: Flutter kicks IC, 40 (4 count) holding coupon up then with chest presses. One minute of block bbsus – coupon touches the ground above your head and then the ground between your feet.

COT: Thank God for bodies that work, men to push us to get better, and a beautiful morning. Prayers for @Hancock’s M and 2.0 flying to Maine for a college visit, @Shiplap trying to sell his house, and the persecuted church in Iraq.

Moleskine: Ask, listen. remember. Ask people about their lives. Listen to what they share and remember it. Don’t listen with only one ear while waiting for your turn to speak. Invest in other’s stories. Especially your M and 2.0’s.