Stranger Things

Date: 12.1.22
AO: downrange Camera Park
PAX: Beaker Captain Crunch LeMond Noodles
Q: Noodles
Total: 4
FNGs: 0

WoR: Good Mornings x 15, Abe Vigodas x15, Runner’s Squat, Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins – SSH, Squat on every “Danger Zone”

Today was not my usual upper body, coupon heavy beatdown. I had to be creative to continue nursing a bothersome shoulder. Still, I am confident that this combination did its thing in keeping us warm while moving and maintaining a good focus on core exercises and routines.

Thang 1: One mile mosey around the outside of the AO. Stopped at C.O.O.T.E.E. to perform Growing Pains:

30 BBSUs- 4 count
30 LBCs – 4 count
30 Superman Hold – 4 count

Thang 2: Proud Mary by CCR
BBSUs to begin until “Rolling”
-> Gas Pumps until “Rolling”
-> Flutter Kicks until “Rolling”
-> Gas Pumps until “Rolling”
-> Rinse and repeat

Thang 3: Reverse Crunches x30, Partner Shoulder Taps x30 – In plank position facing each other. First PAX begins their 30 Taps by reaching out and touching their partner’s shoulders and maintaining a 4 count as they alternate between shoulders. Second PAX maintains plank position until first PAX is done. Then, second PAX does their 30 and first PAX planks.

MoM: For time – Thighmasters (Suzanne Somers’), Cobra Hold, Bird Dog

CoT: Prayers for Archive and his family as they go through difficult time with passing of a loved one. Prayers for all PAX that have recovered from injury. Prayers for continued protection from injury as we approach cold weather and freezing temperatures.