Backblast: On Tour

Date: 12/3/22
AO: AO Mastodon
PAX: Archive, Berry (FNG), Bloomer, Captain Crunch, Cheetah (2.0), Crack, Hancock, Maniac, Stock Boy, T.B.
FNGs: 1
Q: Crack
Total: 10

It was a chilly 22 degrees at post time, with a 20mph wind out of the south. Gloom Misery Index = 20

Warm-o-rama: SSH, Tappy Taps, Arm Circles, Abe Vigodas, Michael Phelps

Thang 1: 11’s at the lightpoles (merkins/burpees)

Thang 2: Dan Taylors (up to 7)

Thang 3: Brief detour for some Mary – 20 BBSU, American Hammers IC – 20

Thang 4: Circuit of Cootees – Split into 3 groups.
Station 1: 5 Pull-ups
Station 2: 10 Atomic Merkins
Station 3: 15 Picnic Table Presses.
Performed 5 rounds

Mary: Ring of Mary, each PAX calls an exercise. Q said 10 reps, most everyone listened. Captain Crunch had to go to 15…


Several of us then headed to Tredwell for extended coffeeteria