Baby, It’s Cold Outside!!

Date: 12/23/22
AO: #ao_ground_zero
PAX: Beaker, Hershey, T-Bone, Toto, Tortuga, Topham, Crack
FNG’s: 0
Q: Crack
Total: 7

Conditions: -12°F, west wind 26mph, gusting to 40mph. Wind Chill values around -30-35°F
GMI (Gloom Misery Index): 51

Thang: We ran (with the wind at our backs) to the downtown parking garage, where we ran laps of the ramps, up to level 4, around the top, and back down again. The return run back to the start point was brutal!

Moleskin: We often focus on family and gifts during the Christmas season, but there are many who don’t have anyone or anything. Think of those less fortunate than you this season and look for ways to help them.

5 of the PAX decided to warm up with Coffeeteria at County Farm Bagels.