Pacer Test

Backblast: UBU Monday, Pacer test
Date: 3/6/2023
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @TBTF @Tortuga@Bloomer @Stock boy @Captain Crunch @Jolly @Shiplap @Banks @Pool Boy @DQ @Da Vinci @Panhandle @Katniss @Big Mac @Dogear @Jailbreak
Q: @Tortuga
Total: 16
Conditions: mild, a little wet

Thang: Some rucked.
Some ran the Pacer Test.
I figured out how to use a phone, youtube, and a speaker, guesstimated what 20 meters would be on two tennis courts, and ran the pacer test.
At the tone, PAX ran from one side of the singles tennis court to the other side of the next court’s singles area. I think it was more like 22 meters. The time between beeps stayed steady for 7 lengths, then sped up for the next 7 or 8 lengths and so on until no one could finish. You were allowed one failure. Once you failed twice, your test was over. My fastest fifth graders typically get a score of 60-70 rounds. One year I had a student get 106. Our high today was 78. When I got to school I measured the gym where we run it. The distance was 18.6 meters. I plan to try it again when I Q next week Friday for run club. We’ll get closer to the 18.6 meters my students use. It should make a huge difference.
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COT: Thanks to God for bodies that work, men to work out with, and the forgiveness that comes through Jesus Christ.