What Ho, There Might Be Snow!

Backblast: What Ho, There Might Be Snow
Date: 3/4/2023
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Hancock @TBTF @Tortuga@Hershey @Bloomer @Maniac @Stock boy @Captain Crunch @Short Circuit @Noodles
FNGs: 0
Q: @Tortuga
Total: 10
Conditions: mild, snowless, sunny

WOR: usual disclaimers, arm circles, SSH, copperhead squats, Michael Phelps

The fun planned for the epic wet snowfall were scrapped due to the complete and total lack of precipitation of any sort. Brutality ensued instead. Sorry, not sorry.

The Thang:
Pearls on a String
PAX stayed together throughout the workout, completing reps mostly OYO with a short mosey between stations of Cooties, bleachers by the ball field, the SHOP, the building by the pond, and the flag.
Three rounds. Five stops each.

Round one: legs
Goblet squats, Weighted lunges, weighted step ups, wall sit with partner coupon pass, hillbilly squats

Round two: arms
Pike position pull ups or toes to bar. Five PAX at a time, switch with a partner at failure, hold plank while waiting, Ranger merkins, table press, hip slappers: feet up on wall, tap hips instead of shoulder taps, overhead clap IC to 62 followed by Moroccan Night Clubs to 2.

Round three: burpees
Hand release pull up burpees, hand release tuck jump burpees, box jump burpees, Navy SEAL burpees IC Q called (5), Navy SEAL burpees IC (10 count) Each PAX called out one (9)
One minute of bicycle, two minutes of cross crunches, 60 flutters IC slowing the cadence after 30, 40, and 50.

Moleskine: Tell your loved ones you love them. Out loud. Often. Write short notes. Repeato.

COT: Prayers for @Pink Drink leading a youth group retreat this weekend, @Bloomer’s brother, @Captain Crunch’s 2.0 home and better from recent illness, work stresses, @Noodles M arthritic flare ups, @Maniac huge mortgage increase, @Tortuga’s M in a time of anxiety.