The Medium Option

Backblast: The Medium Option Date: Saturday, 3/11/23
AO: #ao_tar_pit
PAX: @Jolly @Panhandle @Da Vinci @DQ @SAGA @Tortuga @Katniss @Gummi Bear @Beaker @Banks @Sparrow @Hershey @LeMond @Shiplap @8-Track @T.B.
FNGs: 0
Q: @Banks
Total: 16

30x Goofballs IC
10x Windmills IC
10x Mountain Man Poopers IC
Stretch OYO while PAX chose between the Medium and the Hard option. The vote was 8-7 in favor of Medium, so that is what we did!

Thang 1: 5 Alive
We moseyed to the Prairie Path and completed 5 Alive at the light poles. We started with 1 rep, and then added a rep at each light pole until 5, and then began the next exercise at 1. The exercises and totals were:
Burpees x115
Merkins x90
Star Jumps x65
Dive Bombers x40
Squats x15

So the first light pole was 1 burpee and the 25th light pole was 5 burpees, 5 Merkins, 5 Star Jumps, 5 Dive Bombers and 5 Squats!

We then moseyed back to the bottom of the Spa.

Thang 2: Mini Dora
We partnered up and completed a mini Dora composed of the following:
50 Burpees
100 Merkins
150 Squats
200 BBS

We hit time before everyone finished the BBS and moseyed back to the flag.

Moleskin: – Don’t make excuses, they are contagious.

NOR/COR/COT: Prayers for Katniss’s M, Lemonds Father, Hershey’s M and Gummibears sister.