Backblast: Good Friday Fun Run

Backblast: Good Friday Fun Run
Date: 4/7/2023
AO: #ao_ground_zero
PAX: @Hancock, @DQ, @Hershey, @Toto, @Blackout, @TBTF, @Panhandle, @Bloomer, @Pool Boy, @Crack, @Jolly, @T-bone, @Tortuga, @Beaker, @Banks, @T.B., @Topham, @Shiplap, @Double Ditch, @Maniac, @Blackout, @LeMond
FNGs: 0
Q: @LeMond
Total: 22

BIG group of Pax ran the IPP, heading north from #ao_ground_zero, and enjoyed the sunrise and the start of a sunny day, a day of reflection.

Moleskin: How should the fact that God’s cosmic victory was won through submission to his enemies and seeming defeat change our ideas of power and success?
Prayers for @Crack’s sister and M, as Lois moves in with Crack’s family.