Backblast: Calisthenics at Sunrise

Date: 5/11/2023
AO: #ao_dark_room
PAX: @Captain Crunch, @Noodles, @Tarzan, @Toto, @Flushy, @LeMond
FNGs: 0
Q: @LeMond
Total: 6

* Warmorama
o Motivators from 7
o Imperial walkers
o Side leg raises
o Arm circles
o Picking daisies
o Mosey around skate park
* Pre-thang at building
o 10 absolutions
o 10 Bulgarian split squats, each leg
o 10 one-legged dips, each leg
o 10 wall sit leg raises
o Balls to the walls: 1 min
* The Thang: Charles Bronson
o 50 SSHs, run around hill, bear crawl to top, jog back down
o 50 merkins
o 50 burpees
o 50 LBCs
* Extra Thang
o 4 rounds of one-armed burpees with Bernie Sanders up hill
o Failure to launch
* Mary at top of hill
o Box cutters
o Boat and Canoe
o Supermans
o Outlaws
* Moleskin
o Jordan Peterson
o An 18 year-old decides she wants to retire at 52.
o She works and works, forgetting it was a younger version of herself who made that decision.
o The faculty of rationality inclines dangerously to pride: all I know is all that needs to be known.