Taking it easy on the knees

Date: 05/11/23
AO: #ao_mastodon
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FNGs: 1
Q: @DQ
Total: 14


  • SSH
  • Goofballs
  • Arm circles

The Thang
PAX hit the upper body today. No running, no lower body lifts. All the exercises we did were tabata style: 20s work / 10s rest.
PAX started off at cooties where we did the following circuit 5 times:

  • Pull ups
  • Curls
  • V up roll ups
  • Deep swimmers press
  • Tricep extensions

We then moved to the shop where we did the following circuit 5 times:

  • Table shrugs
  • Incline plank, single arm row – left arm
  • Incline plank, single arm row – right arm

After that we laid on the tables at the shop to do the following circuit 5 times:

  • Pull overs
  • Skull crushers
  • BBSUs with shoulder press

And we had just enough time back at the flag for 50 flutter kicks

Two things had me thinking about loneliness this past week:

  • An epic performance of The Sound of Silence by Disturbed. The song reflects on how it’s so easy to get consumed by the distractions and idols of society, to the point where you no longer have time or energy to take the initiative to engage in meaningful, authentic relationships where you can open up and be supported.
  • A quote from Ted Lasso: “There is something worse out there than being sad, and that is being alone and being sad.”

F3 provides a defense against loneliness. Lean into the group. You don’t have to be sad and alone, dejected and alone, struggling and alone. This community of men carries each other.


  • Praise that @Stock boy’s son has been medically cleared of any issues after going to the hospital this week
  • Praise for @Tortuga’s daughter achieving a massive PR in her track and field event after a season of not seeing the progress she hoped for
  • Prayers for safe and fruitful travels for @Sparrow as he leaves for Thailand tonight
  • Prayers for @Crack and his family in the middle of a challenging season