Backblast: Resistance Training

Backblast: Resistance Training
Date: 5.18.23
AO: #ao_dark_room
PAX: @Shiplap @Beaker @Jolly @Banks @Captain Crunch @LeMond @Toto
FNGs: 0
Q: @Shiplap
Total: 7WoR: Neck rotations, Arm Circles, Shoulder stretch, tricep stretch, picking daiseys, 1/2 mile mosey since @Tortuga didn’t show.The Thang: 4 Minutes per station for 7 stations. You complete the first exercise to failure or 30 reps then immediately did the second exercise. Once finished you are allowed a 20 send break and then repeat until time for that station expired.StationsBench Press (sandbag) & MerkinsCurls & Negative CurlsDips & Skull CrushersOH Press (sandbag) & Standing TricepLeg Lifts & CrunchesBicycle and coupon obliquesMoleskin: You will become who you surround your self with.CoT: @Captain Crunch and his family as they make some important decisions, and any other unsaid requests