6.14 Superman Vs. Superman Returns!

The early light of Thursday saw two PAX meet at AO Mastodon, ready for a challenge. The goal: to not be the last guy done with the Super 21. The price of failure: doing 21 reps of whatever the other guy called. Crunch called Absolutions, Archive raised it to Bodybuilders, and we got down to it.


Motivators IC x7 (what else??)

ATM x1

Mosey up the hill for…

The Thang: Superman challenge

Super 21s

Last guy does whatever exercise the first called at the start

It was close but Crunch had to do Bodybuilders! Archive did them too because he preferred it to planking(!?)

Mosey back to the flag



Dolly IC x20


Prayers for rest, patience and endurance for Archive’s family as they weather Baby #2’s first months of sleeping and not sleeping. Prayers for Crunch’s ability to lead his team at work; patience, endurance and wisdom in guiding the children to completion on their potty training. Lifted up Junior and his family with the arrival of baby #3 to their house. Lifted up LightsOut as a member of his family begins chemo. Prayers for the brothers present and at large.

Thought for the day: One has not lived, until one tries to Boat/Canoe immediately after 231 sit-ups.