6.23 For Farmers Only

1 Pax (Archive) toted himself to a very soggy AO for a self administered beatdown.


7x Motivators

15x Sun Gods

15x Tin Soldiers

15x Side Leg Raises , Fliporama

15x Front Leg Raises, Fliporama

15x Side Plank, Fliporama

15x LBCs

15x Flutter Kicks

15x Rosalitas

Thang 1- Farmers Hill Carry

2 x 25# Weight Plates

3 x to top of the hill. 15x bicep curls at top, 5 x merkins at the bottom.

Never thought my fingers could get this tired….

Thang 2- 1.5 mile run 8 minute pace.

I feel really grateful for the ability and motivation to get up and work out every F3 day. I’ve never made it more than 3 months or so into a commitment to work out- it’ll be 9 months this coming Saturday. I’m in the best shape of my life and I’ve spent time with some inspiring dudes. Here’s to another 9 months. See you all out there.

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