7.28 LEG DAY 2: The Re-Running

Three PAX posted for our last Saturday of July. The Q continued to suffer from a lack of originality and recycled some old standby. For spice, we got rid of the awkward ab exercises and doubled down on the running. Definitely had time for some overtime, we’ll see if that exercise makes a comeback or not…
The Standard:
– Motivators x7
– Windmills IC x20
The Runs: (half-mile splits)
– Bolt 45s
– Dan Taylor (1 Squat:4 Lunges – 2:8 – 3:12 …)
– Colonel Trautmans (2 rounds)
– Windshield Wipers ICx20
– Hill of Fire = Bear-down + Bern-up / People’s Chair (partner exercise) (two cycles was plenty)
On your 6:
– James Bonds
– XYs ICx20
– Rosalita Whip ICx20

– Boat / Canoes

Prayers for rest / stamina in the Archive house. Prayers for patience / wisdom in the Crunch house. All fine on the Banks front this week.