6.22.19 – No Legs

8 PAX including one FNG (Welcome Too Big To Fail!) showed up on a beautiful summer day for the regularly scheduled weekly beatdown. With the evening ruck on the Horizon, our Q promised to stay away from any leg exercises. The lesson behind today’s workout is that when you put your mind to it, you can do 5 of anything, just keep moving forward.

Warm-O-Rama (The Usual)

  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Tin Soldiers

Thang 1: 5 Alive

  • Run the short mile stopping at each lamp post and adding on the rep count
  • 1st Lamp Post -> 1 Burpee, 2nd Lamp Post -> 2 Burpees… 5th Lamp Post -> 5 Burpees
  • 6th Lamp Post -> 5 Burpees, 1 Merkin…. 10th Lamp Post -> 5 Burpees, 5 Merkins
  • 11th Lamp Post -> 5 burpees, 5 Merkins, 1 Star Jump
  • 16th Lamp Post -> 5 Burpees, 5 Merkins, 5 Star Jumps, 1 Dive Bomber
  • 21st Lamp Post -> 5 Burpees, 5 Merkins, 5 Star Jumps, 5 Dive Bombers, 1 OHC
  • 25th Lamp Post -> 5 Burpees, 5 Merkins, 5 Star Jumps, 5 Dive Bombers, 5 OHC’s
  • Totals: 115 Burpees, 90 Merkins, 65 Star Jumps, 40 Dive Bombers, 15 OHC’s

The Finale:

  • 20x Pull Ups
  • 2 MoM – 50 4-Count Flutter Kicks


We welcomed FNG Too Big To Fail! Prayers for this evenings Ruck Event, Jazz Hand’s Wife and her new job, Noodles and his Baby, and safe travels for Toolbox and Panadero.

6.15.19 – APFT Benchmarking

With YHC’s birthday coming up next week, and with the Army having it’s 244th birthday on Friday, it felt like the best possible time to try the Army Physical Fitness Test and get some numbers on the board. 8 PAX showed up to see how their present selves measured up against their future selves.

The Standard Open:

  • Motivators x7
  • Abe Vigoda IC x 20

The Main Event – APFT:

  • 2 minute AMRAP Push-ups
  • 2 minute AMRAP Sit-ups
  • 2 mile run

APFT June 2019 results:

Name – Push-ups / Sit-ups / 2 Mile time (Age / Army Scores = Total out of 300 possible)

  • Captain Crunch – 70 / 68 / 13:24+10sec penalty for shortcut (32 / 95 + 91 + 97 = 283)
  • Jazz Hands – 43 / 35 / 17:44 (32 / 67 + 52 + 87 = 206)
  • Skirt Chaser – 61 / 43 / 15:03 (36 / 86 + 61 + 84 = 234)
  • Archive – 80 / 70 / 15:06 (33 / 100 + 93 + 84 = 277)
  • CATS – 20 / 19 / 21:47 (31 / 40 + 33 + 8 = 81)
  • Noodles – 46 / 24 / 19:09 (39 / 72 + 45 + 52 = 169)
  • Hurt Locker – 69 / 66 / 16:14 (41 / 96 + 89 + 77 = 262)
  • Banks – 74 / 69 / 16:14 (37 / 100 + 93 + 77 = 270)

Overall assessment – Not bad F3 Wheaton, but there is more core and cardio in our future…

The Closer:

  • American Hammer with Coupons, while Captain Crunch did his penalty Blockees for bypassing the parking lot detour on his first mile. (If you can’t do it, don’t Q it, man!)

COR / NOR / COT: Prayers for continued growth as individuals and as a group, for support and strength, that we can help the people around us be their best selves and make the world a better, healthier place for our presence in it — Lifting up Jazz Hands and his M and 2.0s in the midst of a season of transition on all sides.


MOLESKIN: Today I was really impressed by the grit on display by all these men, giving what they had in them to bust through, arms shaking, joints complaining. 100% completion. And we have the future APFT to look forward to. A lot of newer PAX here have done less than two months of F3. This was a great day to have in the books to look back to.

Doing the Goruck June challenge has really driven home for me that improvement comes from consistent application over time. To get the mileage in, I have been rucking almost every day, and I have seen steady strength and speed increases that I wouldn’t have had or wouldn’t have noticed without trying to accomplish the same thing again and again, day after day. To any PAX reading this, what is the thing you want to be better at? Do it at least every other day, preferably every day. Measure successes and failures. It will improve. Embrace the Suck.

6.3.19 – The Ruck 5k *With Friends!*

Our Monday Rucking Squad (4 PAX strong at Noodles, Hoser, Archive and Crunch(QIC)–and almost Toolbox!) was greeted with some pleasantly bug-free 50 degree weather as we met up and got down to it. The Challenge: get 3 miles in between 5:30-6:15. Short, simple, but not easy. A few imperial walkers and butt kicks and we were off!

We were hovering right around it the whole time, with the need for a prompt work-friendly exit as our motivation. Ultimately just missing the mark at about 47 min total. A solid start to June’s mileage heavy D-Day challenge, but plenty more miles to come!

With reaching the finish-line a few minutes overtime we even peaced out without a COT (or selfie!!) Your hasty Q offered up TAPS on his way home, but some penalties are probably in order…

Well done, HIMs. Next week, the D-Day 75 Anniversary PT workout!

6.1.19 -No PAX Left Behind

Another sunny blue-sky morning greeted YHC as he attempted to accomplish far too many tasks in the hour before making it to the AO to Q. All of which might have been fine if the Cosley Zoo 5K/10K had not just locked down all parking at the AO, forcing a short EC run in on everyone. Despite all, we had a mostly prompt attendance of five PAX (with 2 FNGs!) and we got down to business.

The Standard:

  • Motivators x7
  • Abe Vigodas ICx15

Tortise and the Hare: PAX partner up, Partner #1 moseys the coupon down the trail while Partner #2 does the called exercise, then runs to catch P1. Flapjack, each PAX completing one set of the exercises until the loop around the lake is complete.

  • 5 Burpees / 10 Outlaws / 15 merkins / 20 Big Boy Sit-ups / 25 Squats

The Half-Millennial: PAX do AMRAP until one PAX reaches 50 reps, then run to the top/bottom of the hill and complete 50 reps of the next exercise. Continue until 10 exercises 500 reps + 500 yards is completed.

  • merkins
  • plank-jacks
  • smurf-jacks
  • squats
  • arm circles
  • monkey humpers
  • shoulder taps
  • american hammers
  • burpees

Mosey back to the flag for some Hell-o’-Dolly:

  • Low Dolly ICx25
  • High Dolly ICx25
  • 45-degree Dolly ICx25

NOR/COR/COT – Welcomed both FNG-Panadero and FNG-Toolbox! Prayers for health for the group and esp. for M. Noodles moving into third trimester with her first baby. Prayers for the group and it’s momentum and growth, that we would continue to reach men and build them up to lead and to serve.

5.27.19 – Memorial Day Recon Rucking

It mercifully cooled overnight to 55 degrees, but it was still a warm, buggy day for a good long walk. Archive arrived home from vacation and Noodles signed up for an epic start to Week #2 of his new F3/rucking life. For YHC, this was the final workout of the “Honoring Service” Goruck Monthly challenge for May. The plan was simple:

  • 2min push-up test
  • 2min sit-up test
  • 12 mi ruck

We met in the early light at AO-Mastodon and did the PT test at the WWI monument. Then it was rucks on and a 5:38 start on our journey.

Image from iOS (8)

From there it was fairly even and straight ground. Some good conversation on the trail. A few mosquito valleys, a break at mile 6 for powerbars and blister prevention. It was interesting coming at some familiar landmarks in Winfield and West Chicago from an unfamiliar angle. The second half was more of a straight shot trail with the occasional road crossing between West Chicago and Geneva. We did get in some good Scout Runs to keep the pace up for Mile 9 past the airport.


For the final stretch, shoulders and legs and feet ached, but the end felt near as we headed into downtown. Crossing the river we spotted and were spotted by Mrs. Crunch and the Crunch 2.0s. Despite our ENDEX breakfast location being a longer wait than we felt like waiting, I have never been so glad to see Geneva before!

Kudos to Noodles, putting up with some crazy long-legged folks and Crunch’s urge to never slow down. We made Geneva by 9:12. Definitely a worthy distance and worth repeating some other time with some more compatriots, we’ll see how the recovery goes.

5.18.19 – The Full Body Beatdown

QIC – Crab Legs

The Scene.  A beautiful morning (around 50 degrees and sunny), and a beautiful AO



  • Good mornings – IC (12)
  • Imperial Walkers – IC (12)
  • Quad stretch
  • Arm Circles – 10 front and 10 back (IC)
  • Motivators x 7


  • B.L.I.M.P.S.: (Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Squats) do sets of each of exercise at the light posts, returning to the 1st light post after finishing the squats set, decreasing by reps 5 each lap. (25 / 20 / 15 / 10 / 5)

Image from iOS (2).jpg


  • AMRAP  the following:
  1. High Knees – 90 seconds
  2. Overhead Claps – 60 seconds
  3. Mountain Climbers – 60 seconds
  4. Carolina Dry docks – 60 seconds
  • Bear crawl up the hill
  • AYG sprint up the hill

Image from iOS (1).jpg


  • LBCs
  • Scissors
  • Low Plank Twists
  • Guantanamo

COR: 11 HIMs: Hurt Locker, Glee, Sweet Gherkins, Noodles, Good Hands, Archive, Captain Crunch, Banks, Jazz Hands, Rhinestone, Crab Legs (Q)

2 FNGs:  Glee and Noodles

NoR / Announcements, Prayers:  Bump.  GrowRuck.


Henry Ford – whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.  Most of us know this quote, but it’s so true.  Today we faced adversity.  Are you going to give up?  That voice in your head telling you it’s hard, that it sucks, that there’s discomfort, that you should stop and quit.  Are you going to quit?  Tell that voice to go Fuck off!  Whether it was your first day, or your 176th post like me, this never gets easy, but maybe easier.  If you’re pushing yourself, you’ll be able to do more than before, but still meet the same discomfort and face the same voice?  Don’t quit.  There will always be guys who are faster, stronger, and ahead of me.  I push to catch them.  I may never catch them and so you may not also.  Don’t let that crush you.  Get better.  Be better than yesterday, than last month.  Strive to be the best version of yourself.

Prayers for Bump.  Prayers for F3 Detroit on their 1st day.  Prayers for both F3 Wheaton and F3 Naperville that we continue to add PAX and help men become better versions of themselves in our communities.  Prayers for any unspoken requests in our hearts.  We pray this in God’s name,

5.11.19 – Going Beyond

The Mastodon – Saturday, 5/11/2019 (Parks and Rec – QIC)


Low 40’s, cloudy, damp, but no rain yet. Walked out the door in shorts and a sweatshirt. Traveled about 35 minutes from Oswego to Wheaton’s Northside Park with Mrs. Doubtfire.


I put out the call for an EC run and a few responded (Blart, Mrs. Doubtfire, Banks and QIC). We circled the park, made our way to the high school for 4 laps and then circled the park again. In total, we covered about 3.75 miles at a sub 9:00 pace.


I am not a professional, you are here on your own free will.
I don’t know your injuries, so modify as necessary to avoid getting hurt.
But push yourself hard.


Abe vigodas x 15
Annie’s x 10 each hand
Motivators 7-1
Mosey to flags

THANG 1 (smaller tennis courts):

Bearway to Heaven (modified due to people playing tennis on large tennis courts) – Bear crawl suicide of four increasing lengths with increasing burpees at the end of each length. This exercise is done to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” This should be about 8 minutes (length of the song), but we modified it and it took about 12 minutes for the PAX to complete it.

Return to flags

THANG 2 (pool parking lot):

The plan was to use the tennis courts again, but a group of students took over all of the courts. That being said, we made our way over to the pool parking lot.
The PAX performed a Plank Walk / Double Shot of Jackees across the lot.

Plank Walk across the lot and at each line do a “double shot of jackees.” A double shot of jackees is a burpee variation where after the merkin, perform a plank jack (first shot) and after recovery, instead of just jumping, perform a jumping jack.


HIIT the Hills

10 jumping jacks on the bottom 10 mountain climbers on the top (each leg one) before/after each uphill movement

This was the plan.

Hill Sprint x 4 bottom to top, mosey back
Hill Jump Squat x 4 bottom to top, mosey back
Hill Lunge x 4 bottom to top, mosey back
Hill Bear Crawl x 4 bottom to top, mosey back

Due to time constraints, we modified after the sprints and performed 1 of each remaining hill exercises. Some PAX started to repeat exercises 2-4.

6 MoM:

Chilly Jacks (low plank, jumping jack) x 40
Flutter Kicks x 50
Rosalita x 26 (ab exercise with legs perpendicular 90 degrees, open and shut


5 principles of F3

1. Lead in a rotating circle by your peers.
2. Free of charge.
3. Open to all men.
4. Held outdoors rain or shine.
5. Ends in a circle of trust.


Earlier this week my sister Stephanie posted this comment, “The body achieves what the mind believes.”

I know that we are a group of strong willed men, but I’m guessing that you’ve been in a position where your brain tricks you into believing that you can’t knock out any more reps, or you can’t run any faster, or you need rest. Many times, this is your mind telling you that you can’t do anymore. Yes, I’ve been in this position myself.

What we do next is what matters. When this voice creeps in, we need to block it out and “go beyond” what our mind has convinced us is the point failure. You need to push through this and knock out more reps, run faster, put of that rest. Your F3 brothers will be there to support you.

You will emerge as a stronger man and this will carry over into other aspects of your life.


Father in Heaven, we thank you for bringing this group of HIMs together this morning.

We pray for the health and well-being of F3 Wheaton, F3 Naperville and all of our brothers across the nation.

We pray that you will bring healing, peace and comfort to all of those dealing with difficult situations.

Including prayers for Bump’s health.
Give Jordan the strength to overcome her eating disorder.
We pray for Anna Caroline’s health.
We pray for Kenny Roger’s friend Cindy Kerr who passed away from cancer last week.
We pray for Rusty’s brother-in-law Jeff.
My wife’s 93 year old grandmother who was released from the hospital and transferred to extended care until she regains her strength.
We pray for my former coworker, Steve, who passed away suddenly at the age of 57.
We pray for Blast’s best friend’s brother-in-law, Mike, who is battling blood cancer.
We pray for the continued growth of F3 Wheaton.

Guide us in being a better father, husband and friend.
In Jesus’s name we pray.


10 Strong HIMs – FNG Hurt Locker (Welcome!), FNG Glow Stick (Welcome!), Banks, Archive, Jazz Hands, Crunch, Mrs. Doubtfire (Site Q, thank you!), Urkel, Blart and Parks & Rec (QIC)

The pics:

5.9.19 – Burpees, Because

It was a beautiful morning following a night of rain, it was still raining when we started the workout, but it was 60 degrees, so we didn’t care! We surveyed the AO for excess water and it didn’t look to bad, so we stayed the course with the original plan. It was a nice surprise to see daylight at 5:30am!


7x Motivators

15x Tin Soldiers

15x Mountain Man Poopers

Thang 1: Bataan Death March

Our 3 PAX started off on a jog while one stayed behind to perform 5 Burpees and then sprint to catch up. Captain Crunch decided that the Q does not make the workouts hard enough on him, so he decided to wear a ruck for the whole thing!

We took the long mile, and right at the end we had a nice surprise running through knee deep water. It was pure luck no one was caught during this phase or we might have had some underwater Burpee Action!

Thang 2: Bearpees

We headed to the tennis courts and started Bearpees (1 Burpee, 4 Bearcrawl) until we crossed the full length of the courts. After this evolution, the Q graciously gave the PAX a 10-count to catch their breath and then had everyone go the full length back, but instead of 1 burpee each time, he upped the game to 2 burpees and 4 bearcrawls.

Thang 3: Burp Back Mountain

The PAX then moseyed to the hill and performed 100 Burpees Dora style. While one PAX performed the exercise, the others Bernie Sanders up the hill and ran back down.

Thang 4: The Finale

The PAX moseyed to the pull up bars and knocked out 15 pullups each

We ended the workout with Jack Webbs. 1 Merkin, 4 Overhead Claps, 2:8, 3:12… 10:40


Prayers for focus at work and help to make the right decisions to keep our teams focused on the right things.

5.6.19 -Firefighter Appreciation Day

May GoRuck challenge: Honoring Service

Week 1: Firefighter Appreciation Workout

  • 150 STEP-UPS (75/LEG) ON A 12” BOX (WEAR RUCK)
  • 100M RUCK DRAG

Weight: 30lbs

Workout Time: 60 min

3 Mile ruck time: 42:50

Archive and Crunch posted in the confusingly sunny, dry, and warm (56 degrees) gloom at AO Mastodon and got down to business. After hitting the tennis courts for our 100m of PT, Archive had the good idea to mix it up and hit the streets instead of hamster-wheeling our 1mi loop around the park. Overall a good solid workout, but definitely feeling the longer ruck on the shoulders throughout the day. We’ll see what the other days have in store!

Might have a Rucking Problem…

Congrats to Archive and Crunch on completing the “Lucky Number 7” April 2019 #ruckingchallenge! Below is a wall of text illuminating some of the thought process that goes into someone become unstable enough to want to do this on the regular. If you’re like me, come find us for whatever May’s challenge is! Monday is RUCK DAY. #EmbraceTheSuck!

— Ruckaholics Anonymous Helpline — 

Hello, Yes. I’m calling because, well, I might have a problem … Yes, sorry, Captain Crunch. … Yes, that is my “real” name… No, it’s not on my birth certificate.

Well I started this #RuckingChallenge thing for the Month of April. I’d seen a couple go by and was sad I hadn’t jumped on it. And this one was only 7 days, so I figured I could do it even with April already being half over. With these guys I workout with on Thursdays and Saturdays I’m the “crazy guy who rucks on Mondays” so I gotta keep my cred up. It can’t all be Burpee Mile / Merkin Mile, rinse/repeat.

Day 1 + Day 2:

  • Ruck 1 Mile + 10 sets (10 Ruck Squats / 10 Ruck Push-ups / 10 Russian Twists)
  • 5 sets (10 Walking Ruck Lunges / 10 Plank Pull Throughs / 10 Overhead Press / 200m Ruck (AFAP))

So, I upped the weight from 25 to 30, despite having never done any of these other challenges, and I wanted to make up for the missing the first half of April… so I did both Day 1 and Day 2 together. … Yeah, that seemed like a normal enough thing to do. … Well see I normally ruck for 45 min and Day 1 was like a 25-30 min workout. I’d been planning on doing both days, I had gone to the track specifically because of Day 2’s 200m sprints, but I was pretty wiped. So I figured I’ve got some time, I’ll just try Day 2 to see how bad it feels. The first set went okay, so I tried another. Then it was close to quitting time, but I was already 2/5 of the way done. I didn’t really want to reset that and need to come back the next day. It was only three more. It was so easy to keep going knowing I was already almost half way in. So I ended up staying a bit longer than I meant to, but I could just get ready for work a bit quicker. I got both done! It went pretty well, I felt pretty prepared for it. Pretty wiped afterwards. … … Okay yeah, I guess it’d be smart to dial it back some and maybe just do a day at a time. … Sure, thanks. … Yeah, I’ll check in again after Day 3.

Day 3 + Day 4:

  • Ruck 1 Mile + 10 sets (50m Suitcase Carry / 10 Ruck High Pulls / 25m Bear Crawl)
  • Ruck 1 Mile (14 min pace) + 10 sets (10 Thrusters / 25m Bear Crawl / 10 Ruck Swings)

Hi, this is Captain Crunch checking in again… So… I went out for Day 3 + Day 4 with a buddy of mine. Better to have company on the road, right? … Huh? oh yeah… we did say just one day at time … Yeah, I think I can remember that next time. So we did Day 3 on some soggy tennis courts because that gave us the proper distance markers. Most of it wasn’t so bad. We do a lot of bear crawls in our normal workouts, so what’s adding another 30lbs resting on the back of your head, right? … No we don’t normally do 250m of them, I guess … So, I guess I should probably mention, too, that I noticed a blood blister on my right hand after Day 3’s bear crawls, but we were already right there and planning on doing both days, so… I went ahead and did Day 4’s bear crawls… Yeah another 250m. … Is that weird? … Uh huh … yeah, I guess so. I figured it would heal up okay, and it went away later that day, so no harm done? … Okay yeah … My buddy and I did agree to stick to one day at a time for the rest of it, though. We were both pretty gassed.

Day 5:

  • Ruck 1 Mile + 10 sets (10 Russian Twists / 10 Pushups / 10 Overhead Squats)

Hi, this is Crunch, checking in again after Day 5. This day felt a bit more moderate. I can see the point of just doing one day at a time. Still plenty of work. My buddy and I got through the whole set and figured we had time enough to hit Day 6 somewhere else in the week and wait until the next Monday to do Day 7. … That’s good progress right? “Just dial it back a bit”, right?

Day 6:

  • Ruck 1 Mile + 10 sets (100m suitcase carry / 10 Ruck Squats / 10 Ruck Swing)

Crunch again, checking in from Day 6. … Okay so this was a solo workout, and it felt a bit weird. So, I took the day off, mostly to get some things done around the house, but I had a spare window after lunch and just figured I should fill it productively, so I went out and rucked Day 6. I always workout in the morning while the sun is getting up, so it was really weird to be out in the full sunlight. I think I prefer the Gloom. It feels right. Anyway this one was probably my least favorite, but not the hardest, I don’t think. That 100m carry was long, even with jogging it. … well, yeah I didn’t want to take it too easy, so I jogged it. … it made sense at the time, but yeah I guess it would be easier if I slowed down. Easy isn’t really the point, though. … But yes, just one. I told my buddy I would wait for Monday for Day 7…

Day 7:

  • Ruck 1 Mile + 10 sets (10 Dead Lifts / 10 Walking Lunges / 10 Ruck Push-ups)

Hey! Crunch again. Challenge Complete! We wrapped up the last day in the pouring rain and I was just walking in the door as the thunder was close enough to shut us down anyway. It felt good to be out there in the rain. It wasn’t going to be comfy anyway, might as well bring it on, right? … Yeah, I’m glad I did it. … I think I might dial the weight down a bit for the next challenge, depends what it is. … Yeah. … Yeah, I was already planning on doing the next one, but they haven’t said what it is yet. … Yeah, I figured I’ve got a whole 48 hours off before May 1st… Sure, yeah, I can keep checking in, if you think that’d be necessary…