8.4 Millennial Men

After a long break in writing these- I’m back on the wagon. A very hot and sticky morning didn’t deter 4 PAX (Archive QIC, Captain Crunch, Banks, Tortuga) from working hard enough to smoke yours truly in his attempt to Q. Can the Q call his own 10-count? I did.

Warmup- 7x Motivators, 15x Imperial Walkers, 15x Windmills.

1/2 mile run.

Arrive at soccer field- Millenial: Run to opposite goal post and back (~100 yards)

PAX does AMRAP of called exercise until someone hits 100 reps.

Exercises: 1. SSH 2. Split Jack 3. Merkins 4. LBCs (This is where I smoked myself- red in the face until 30 minutes post workout) 5. Shoulders Taps 6. Flutter Kicks 7. OHCs 8. American Hammers 9. Dolly 10. Burpees (as a group)

Return to Flag- Bear Crawl Ring O’ Fire


Thanks for a good day of work together- coffee with Captain and Tortuga was awesome. See you in the Gloom.