2.9.19 – Divergence and the Solo Spartan

While F3 Naperville was mid-Convergence, Wheaton’s AO Mastodon crew went with a divide-and-conquer strategy. With Banks planning to make the trip down to Dark Tower and Archive and Avon holding down the home fronts, it fell to Capt. Crunch to keep the fire burning at Northside. With the ground too cold for the shovel flag to break through, it was braced against the fence on the hill-top, 9/11 style (minus any NYFD). Nothing left but to ascend the hill a 2.5 dozen times and light the beacons!


  • Motivators ICx7
  • Windmills ICx15

The Spartan:

  • Hill run + 10 Merkin at the top (x30) – (coupon carried for the first 10 and last 5)


  • Ol’ Ironsides – (Boat/Canoe + American Hammer ICx10) x 3

NOR/COR/COT: Prayers for the brothers converging, for the homes and communities that they shepherd and serve. Prayers for men to hear the voice in the wilderness and answer the call, however crazy.

Thought of the Day: Big commits are typically just a long string of small commits.

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