4.18.19 – Hills to Die On

^^ I mean just look at the crazy on that guys face…

Thursday saw a lovely rainy morning greeting AO Mastodon and the 6 PAX that gathered to start the day off right. Shoutouts to Moonlight and Brooks from F3 Naperville who shepherded their local FNG (Stretch) into the enthusiastic arms of F3 Wheaton’s crew. The Q was feeling a bit sporty this morning, I’ll leave it to the mumblechatter to say whether this was a bad case of Qdrenaline or just a good old-fashioned Beatdown. #RainOrShine

Warm-o-Rama / The Old Stand-by:

  • Motivators IC x7
  • Tin Soldiers IC x15

Thang #1: YURPEE Mile (who knew the Burpee Mile could get MORE fun? Yurpee = Burpee, but clap-merkins and two tuck-jumps on the standing part! Fun for the whole PAX) Sets of 6 on the quarter mile (total 24 Yurpees and 1 mi.)

Thang #2: The Nemesis/Partner Flap-Jack: For this exercise, PAX were led to the top of the Hill and told to pair off and share with their partner what was their “nemesis” exercise (that thing they would really rather not do). Then, PAX#1 got to do that exercise for for PAX#2, while PAX#2 bear crawled down the hill and Bernie Sanders’d back up. Flapjack, so that PAX#1 did bear-down/bern-up while PAX#2 did PAX#1’s nemesis exercise. And just to make sure no one felt like they got off too easy, we did another Flapjack, this time, giving each PAX a chance to face their own nemesis exercise for the length of their partner’s turn on the hill.

We did have just enough time to fit in a three rounds of a mini-spartan:

  • sprint up the hill, do merkin x10, regroup at the bottom of the hill (x3)

Some Minutes of Mary:

  • V-Ups x 26
  • Hurricane Hoedown
    • Seated Flutterkick IC x7
    • Reclined Flutterkick IC x7
    • Normal Flutterkick IC x7
    • LBC Flutterkick IC x7
  • Australian Snow Angels IC x21


Prayers for the brothers — Lifting up the Naperville convergence on April 27th, prayers for Holy Week, that the Body in our individual places of worship would feel the closeness and connection to the Lord that sustains and strengthens our worship and mission. — Gratitude for bodies that can be worked and the opportunity to use them well. — Thanks for FNG–Stretch being added to the number. Respect Respect!