5.12.19 – Teacher Appreciation Day

May GoRuck challenge: Honoring Service

Week 1: Teacher Appreciation Workout

  • 1 Mile Ruck (15:00 – while googling distances)
  • 1 Min Air Squats
  • 2 Min Plank
  • 4 Push-ups
  • 8 Deadlifts
  • 16 Ruck Thrusters
  • 32 Ruck Swings
  • 64 Ruck Lunges
  • 128 Flutterkicks (32x 4-count)
  • 2 Mile Ruck (20 min, maintaining a slow jog / fast walk)

Weight: 30lbs

Workout Time: 47 min

1 Mile ruck time: 15 min

2 Mile ruck time: 22 min

With a cooler day than expected, YHC dusted off his jacket and rucked to the AO. Archive had texted in the middle of the night to warn of a sick-sacking, but the newly-minted Hurt Locker’s presence was still an open question, so a second back was rucked in, just in case. With the help of Banks’ “On the Go” link, the Perfect 1.0 Mile around the park was discovered, which combined with being solo for the first time in a while, put this PAX in a benchmarking mood. The warm-up mile was leisurely, but the 2-mile saw a steady power-walk/jog that sped up slightly on the second half for a 12/10 split.

COT: lifiting up the brothers (both new and old), that they would have courage, strength (mental and physical) and faithfulness to their families, work, and community. Prayer for the week ahead, that it would not catch me lying down on the job.