5.30 Building Blocks

4 Pax met in a gentle rain to get better. Welcome Noodles to Thursday’s!

WOR- 10x Motivators
21x Ballerina Toe Squats
21x Sun Gods
21x Reverse Planks
21x Derkins
10 Burpees OYO

Thang 1
Flora 123 W/coupons. Partner up: 100 Merkins, 10x while partner holds plank. 200 LBCs, 20x while partner holds coupon above head. 300 Squats, partner holds people’s chair.

Thang 2
Whitney 123 W/coupons. Partner up: 100 blockees, 200 American Hammers, 300 Thrusters. One partner does exercise while other partner bear crawls dragging coupons 20 yards. Cut short for time.

COR NOR Archive (QIC), Banks, Captain Crunch, Noodles.

Prayers for continued growth and improved counting skills for Archive.