6.8 Baseball

10 PAX (2 FNGs) gathered for a baseball beatdown.

8x Motivators ( miscounted again by the QIC)
21x Ballerina Toe Squats
Sprints- 3x up the hill, 2x Bernie Sanders up the hill
50x stepups

Thang 1 F3 Baseball
Split into two teams of 5- thanks Banks- not the original 4 teams suggested by the QIC. Race around the bases- 200 team reps of: Merkins, Squats, Bissyous, Burpees. Bear crawl between bases. The beatdown was real- I’d say neither team won…

Plank Scout Run around the Bases.

Ring of Fire

COR, NOR- Two FNGs today. Cats- big singer, work colleague of Captain Crunch. Prince Eric- former swim coach. Prayers- thanks for all the HIMs for being there! Also for Noodles/m/new baby, recovery for Jazz Hands house.