6.20.19 No Running

3 pax got wet. Archive (QIC), Noodles, and Captain Crunch were especially peppy despite the drizzle.

7x Motivators
15x Arm Circles
15x Tin Soldiers
25x American Hammers
25x Flutter Kicks
25x Protractor
15x Derkins – Noodles took a big swing at it: his feet were above his head for this set of derkins… LFG!
15x Derkins

Lunges to Bathroom Wall
Ascending Testicles- this got tough quick
Bear Crawl to Hoffa

Thang 1-
2 rounds of Bernie Up, Crawl Bear Down/ Bernie Up, Crab Down

Back to Flag- PAX holds plank while 1 pax jumps over.

Short but sweet. COR NOR

Prayers for Noodles, Noodles’ M and upcoming 2.0.