6.17.19 – The 101st Airborne

Three PAX (Banks, Crunch and Noodles rocking a new bag and plate(+5lbs!)) posted to take on the 101st Airborne workout (2 of 4 for June). The coolest day of the week made for a comfy rucking morning, and we got after it without a warm-up:

The 101st:

Done for Time: (~42min)
– 101 Thrusters
– 400m Ruck
– 101 Lunges
– 400m Ruck
– 101 Ruck High Pulls
– 400m Ruck
– 101 second Plank
– 400m Ruck

Done in cadence to keep the rhythm going, we made our way around the lake stopping at the quarter miles. Done with a few minutes to spare.

COR/NOR/COT: Lifting up health for Noodles’ M and baby as she’s heading into her third trimester. — productivity for the week ahead — prayers for safety and enthusiasm for the double-header F2 + Unity Ruck/F2 events Friday and Saturday.


Another Monday Ruck in the books. Definitely going to be stronger after this one. Need to work in more regular arm-exercises with the ruck.