7.4.19 – Rockets Red Glare

4 PAX made the HC on Independence Day. Started off w/ 3 PAX and ended w/ 4 Pax. The day was focused heavily on arms and core.

WoR: Motivators x8, Abe Vigodas x8

Thang #1 – Ring of Fire

Decline Merkins – 2 rotations around brick base of tree. Feet on brick base of tree, Down, Up, Step to the side and repeat.

Thang #2 – Heavy Artillery

Teamed up in pairs. First person to bear crawl to designated area and then carries coupon back to start position while partner remains performing deemed exercise:

Round #1 – Coupon Press x25

Round #2 – Shoulder Press x25

Round #3 – Plank Pull x30

Round #4 – Coupon High Pulls x25

Round #5 – Coupon Swings x25

Round #6 – Squats w/ Coupon x25

Round #7 – Plank Hold – 30 Mississippi

5MoM – Forward Arm Circles x25, Reverse Arm Circles x25, LBCs x50

CoR/NoR: Archive, Toolbox, Gummi Bear (FNG), Noodles (Q)

CoT: Archive – Prayer for motivation at work, hopeful for a new project and/or decision to explore new job opportunities. Toolbox – Prayers for friends going through abusive period. Gummi Bear – Prayers so that he may be a good father/parent to his children and to be a better husband. Noodles – Prayers for M’s health and pregnancy. Prayers for Hoser and recover from knee procedure. Prayer for continued health and motivation to show up and get faster and stronger.