10.5.19 “The First Shall be Last” Team Competition

Disclosure: The title of this post belongs exclusively to the idea generation of Captain Crunch. Any copying of this title is prohibited without the express written consent of Captain Crunch.

6 HIMs POSTED (Names below)

Warm O Rama: Our warm up today consisted of conducting a dry run of the competition along with explanation. of the rules.

THANG (Competition): We began at the start line on the west side of the base of the hill and each of the three teams: (TBTF & Archive, Captain Crunch & Noodles, and JazzHands & Gummibear), carried a coupon to the pull up bars where each team was to accomplish the following round as a team:

10 Pull Ups

30 Elevated Push ups

25 Hodors

25 Coupon Swings

Upon completion the teams were to transport the coupon from the pull up bars, up the hill and then to the base of the hill (west side). Each team then had to Bear Crawl (draging their coupon) to the east side of the hill base and the first team that made it to the east side was the winner of the round. For their efforts the round winner was rewarded with conducting a bride hold of some sort until the other teams completed their round and were out of sight on the west side of the hill, beginning their next round. The round winners were further rewarded by being given an additional 10 reps to complete (exercise of their choice(s)) from the above four exercises at the pull up bars.

The idea was that the first team to win three rounds (or whichever team had the most wins prior to time running out) would be declared winner.

We conducted three rounds of the above, with each team winning a round. After the initial three rounds, we adjusted the rules giving each round’s second place team a half point from here on out. In the interest of time we then moved to the Lightning Rounds with each team having to accomplish the following:

10 Pull ups

15 Elevated push ups

15 Hodors (this was adjusted to 10 for the final round)

15 Coupon Swings

For the final round the teams also simply needed to transport themselves, and did not have to bring the coupon up the hill and drag for bear crawls.

We conducted three rounds of the lightning rounds as well. Time expired prior to any team obtaining 3 victories, however TBTF & Archive were victorious coming away with 2.5 points.

The final competition was for each team to race from the pull up bars to the coupon drop off point, and then to the parking lot. I am remiss to add that yet again TBTF & Archive were the winners, and even transported one of the other teams coupons in addition to their own two coupons. I cannot speak for everyone, but I know that Jazzhands and Gummibear had a lot of fun and laughs throughout this competition, and I hope it was enjoyable for all of us, as every HIM seemed to work very hard. No pictures today, too busy competing.

NOR/COT/ Coffee: Gummibear had to depart early, so Jazzhands took over this department. Thank you Jazzhands.