Captain Crunch will be home for Christmas…If only in his dreams…if only in his dreams.

We have had some amazingly wonderful and auspicious Christmas themed workouts as of late. As I spent much time reflecting & pondering, it dawned on me that we will all be home for Christmas, with the exception of Captain Crunch, who must endure the harsh winter climate of Texas. Naturally, this realization brought tears to my eyes to think of our brother, who bleeds F3, to be separated from us during this whimsical time of year. Seeing as Captain Crunch led his last workout of the year as a toast to the new Qs, i thought it only appropriate to remember Crunch during this season, at least for Auld Lang Syne.

While I truly enjoy the nice walk that comes with Monday Morning Ruck Clubs as much as the next bloke, I knew in my heart of hearts, this would never due as a tribute to the man who founded ruck club Wheaton, for he uses the term “ruck club” in its most free and easy usage, often turning ruck club into full out boot camps.

I vividly recalled the first ruckclub workout I attended with Captain Crunch, which was anything other than rucking. The fateful day was July 15th 2019. We were led to the sand pit and forced to crawl through it for twenty minutes, nearly losing our dignity or recall of being a part of greater humanity in the process.

So for the last workout prior to Christmas we recreated the Crunch 7/15/19 workout nearly exactly:

Archive, Banks and Gummibear Posted: Below is almost identically copied from 7/15/19. Banks brought his wonderful music contraption so that we could listen to Classic Christmas songs such as “Leroy the redneck reindeer” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is coming to town”.

Warm up:

  • Ruck Motivators IC x 5
  • Abe Vigoda IC x 10 (I did this at an 8 count while banks made quips about my counting abilities)
  • Arm Circles over to the C.O.O.T.E.E.s ring
  • One Complete Ruck-Up (a pull-up or dead hang for 30 seconds)

The Thang:

Proceed to the volleyball courts (tucked behind the aquatic center) for a lovely patch of damp- hard sand. Try not to get it in your eyes while bear crawling.

AMRAP for 20 min:

  • Flutters x 20 (we did IC, because that’s how you count Flutters!)
  • Bear Crawl 30 yards
  • American Hammers x 20 (IC, because that’s how you count American Hammers!)

We finished 5 rounds under 20 minutes, and persevered even after time was called, finishing a 6th round together to match the original workout. (Original actually had 9 rounds complete, but we were doing 4 count and moving much faster today, then on that fateful morn so I believe it was only 1 count on 7/15/19 that was done).

NOR/COT: Prayers for a joyful holiday and love and peace between family and friends.

Moleskin: Archive did a great job pushing banks and I as he finished first. It is a wonderful time of year and much to be thankful for. All good things are from God. Amen. Merry Christmas to all you F3 brothers who could not be there today.