12.26.19 Nutcracker Suite

Big thanks from Archive to the group for the push to be creative in my workouts and to keep working hard at each post.

4 PAX for a warm day at the AO. TBTF, Noodles, Hotbox, Archive (QIC)

7x Motivators
10x Imperial Walkers
10x Tin Soldiers

Thang 1
Galop- Indian run around AO, 5x Burpees

Rat King x9 – PAX puts feet on shoulders of PAX behind them, merkin. Repeato.

Grab Coupons
Pax De Deux- Partner up, one partner bear crawl drags a coupon to tree and back while other partner AMRAPS a exercise.
100 x Blockees
200 x Coupon Curls

Coda- Sugar Plums Fairy- Howling Monkeys 10x

Prayers for Banks and Captain Crunch on their travels. Thanks for new job opportunities for TBTF and Noodles.

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