12.30.19 – ATMs & CPRs

Three’s Company, Three Musketeers, 3’s a crowd. Three HIMs posted early morning. Weather was gloomy and foggy. We had combination rain, sleet and ended w/ snowfall.

WoR: Abe Vigodas x15

The Thang: Rucked our way along the long mile route w/ stops in between for some PT. Something old and something new was the theme.

Stop #1: ATMs

Alternate Shoulder Touches x 15 – 4 count

Merkins on Cadence – Down 1, 2, 3, Up 4. x 15

Merkins OYO x 15

Stop #2: CPRs

4 Count – Curl/Overhead Press/Tricep back to Rest x15

Stop #3: ATMs x 10

Stop #4: CPRs x10

Stop #5: ATMs x5, CPRs x5

CoR: Too Big To Fail, Gummi Bear, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Prayers to wrap up end of the year projects that may carry into the beginning of the year. Prayers for motivation on more winter days to come. Give us the energy, initiative and holding ourselves accountable to post when our bodies crave the fartsack!

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