01.02.2020 Holding the line.

Some PAXs are still traveling and vacationing for the holidays. Others are sick. TBTF & Gummibear posted for the first work out of the new year, as the winter takes its toll on our posting numbers. We decided to start the year out with back to the basics and simple.

Warm Up:

2 mile Jog.



18 pushups

18 situps

18 pull us (Aussie style)

18 airsquats

We finished 5 rounds. I got this workout online searching for a “new years day workout”. Some may have switched the numbers to 20 Minute AMRAP and 20 reps for the 2020 year, as this workout was from 2018. Not this guy. I didnt want to get too crazy with changing things!

COT/PRAYER: TBTF transition with his current job and leaving well. Prayers for the sick and prayers for this new year.