02.04.2020 Windy Winter Cardio

It was a rather windy (19MPH winds I believe) day. Four paxs: (Captain Crunch, Katniss, Banks, and Gummi Bear met in the gloom.) 

Warm up: 

Cross Country Skiers I/C (25)

Abe Vigodas I/C (14)

Squats I/C (25) – hold for a stretch. 

Jog to get coupons and drop off at station 3, and jog the course. 


25 Minutes AMRAP (Complete the following course as many times as possible, running in between stations). 

Station 1 (northside pool entrance): 

One legged hops (hop up & down stairs on one leg, twice)

10 bouncing betties 

20 jump squats 

25 leg spreaders 

Station 2 (playground area): 

10 aussie pull ups 

Station 3 (tennis court parking lot area):

15 hodors

15 coupon swings

Station 4 (pull up bars): 

5 pull ups 

Time ran out when all paxs were still finishing up set number 3. But we all finished out the third set: time of about 27 minutes.  

NOR/COT: Prayers for a strong week, for God to heal Archive and his family, and  strength for Noodles. 
Moleskin: It was a great turn out of four of us on our first official Tuesday, and a very encouraging start! Thanks guys for showing up. This workout was also a bit more running than we have done in some time, and was really run focused, with the intent being to  have us moving the entire time to stay warm and get some good winter cardio.