Grid Iron L-B-C

It was a down right cold morning at AO Mastodon where 5 determined PAX came together to show Mother Nature she shall not stop them from working out for coffee!! PAX in attendance included: Archive, Captain Crunch, Katniss, Ship Lap, and TBTF.

WoR: We did a quick round of 7 Motivators to get the bodies moving and then moseyed to the high school football field with a football in tow.


We started out with the “Grid Iron L-B-C” routine (just made it up it’s not official; L-B-C in this context stands for Lunge-Burpee-Crawl). The PAX stood in one endzone. One person threw the football as far down the field as they could. The entire PAX lunged to the football and did 5 burpees. From there the same person who threw the ball now kicked the ball as far as he could and the PAX bear crawled to the ball. From there the PAX high kneed to the other end zone. We did 5 rounds of this (1 round per HIM).

Next we did a modified Bruce Lee routine to torture ourselves and theoretically work on core strength (I haven’t seen gainz). We did 6 exercises in a super set for 30 seconds each (3 minutes total for the non-math majors). We did 2 rounds of this. The exercises were: American Hammers, Leg Raises, LBCs, Heel Touches, Crunchy Frog, and 100s). This is heavily modified/reduced version of the official (per the F3 exercise list; check it out it is rediculous)

We then did field sprints as a PAX. We could not see the lines (field was covered in fluffy snow) so we used benches around mid-field on the sidelines as a reference. Starting in the end zone we sprinted to the first bench (about 30-40 yards) and Bernie Sanders back to the starting point, then sprinted to the second bench (about 60-80 yards) and Bernie Sanders back to the starting point, then sprinted to the opposing end zone.

We had a little time left before we needed to make our way back to the AO so we did a lunge caterpillar where the PAX formed a single file line holding lunge position until the last person lunged to the front. We also implemented the football in the routine by the last guy in the line throws to the front of the line and the football is then handed back through the line of PAX to end up back at the end of the line. If the ball gets dropped at any point there is a penalty burpee to be done. We didnt drop it all the way across the field!!!!

We then moseyed back to AO throwing the football around amongst the PAX. The penalty burpee rule was still in effect and we definitly did more than a few burpees on the trip back to the AO however Katniss had an epic catch diving into a snowbank (pretty sure he could go pro if he had Sundays free).


TAPS to those traveling to be safe and enjoy their time away, to Noodles/other PAX fighting illness, etc to feel better and take care of themselves, thankful for the good prognosis on Archive leg, and there may have been another I forgot.