3/9/20 Boat is the Rest Position?

8 PAX skipped the arms and legs for a core heavy workout.

WOR- 7x Motivators, 20x Imperial Walkers, Mosey to Baseball Diamond

Thang 1: Flora 1-2-3

Partner up. P1 does sets of 10 Gaspumps while partner holds “Boat” 5 sets each- 100 reps total.

P1 does sets of 20 Plank Jacks while partner holds plank 5 sets each- 200 reps total.

P1 does sets of 30 LBCs while partner holds reverse plank 5 sets each- 300 reps total.

Bataan Death March- Scout Run with 20 flutters for the last PAX

Thang 2: Millennial

PAX sprints to outfield fence, does reps of the following:

SSH, Gaspumps, Merkin, LBC, Plank Jack, Squats, Flutters, Getups (completed as a group), OHCs (completed returning to the parking lot), BURPEES (the griping immediately started, bringing joy to the QICs heart)

1st to 100 reps calls it and PAX return to startex for next round. Burpees are completed as a group….

COR NOR Archive (QIC), Banks, Captain Crunch, Dovetail, Hotbox, Jazz Hands, Katniss, TBTF

COT Moleskine- Have to say, it was a pretty good Saturday. Loved the effort from everyone at the morning beatdown and it was a privilege to hit the trail for Hotbox’s BDay at HIS PLACE Arrowhead. Looking forward to Sunday’s 15k!