Ruck Club Backblast – AO Mastodon (7/6/2020)

Ship Lap, Gummi Bear, Da Vinci (FNG), and TBTF posted for ruck club after a long relaxing weekend.

  • Motivators x5
  • Slow Ruck Merkings x10
  • Arms circles (forward/backwards) and claps (overhead/front) x25 each motion


  • We rucked about a mile to the Lincoln Marsh Prairie Patch (it’s a park)
  • We found a log and did 25 Ruck Derkins, 25 Split Squats (per leg), and then carried our rucks over our heads for a small loop that is at the park (guessing baout 1/8th mile), we then did 5 Ruck-pees (Blockpees with a ruck)
  • We then rucked back to the AO (about a mile) working up to shuffle towards he end as we were over time a bit


  • Praying for general health and wellness of the PAX and community as we all progress through the current pandemic and start to branch out and reintegrate aspects of life back in to our routines (ie day care, etc).

Welcome Da Vinci to AO Mastodon!! We are happy you are here and excited to get to know you. If you haven’t had a chance to meet the “FNG” be sure to reach out and say hi.