7.9.2020 – Ready to DINE

Beautiful day at AO Mastodon. PAX showed for an interactive Q led by Noodles. Call me Notorious B.I.G. as the PAX would be Ready to DINE, not Ready to Die. It would be a day full of A La Carte exercises chosen by HIMs on their HC.

Thang – B.O.M.B.S. (Modified version) based on chosen exercises by HIMs. Each letter represents the following chosen exercises:

B – Bodybuilders (Archive), O – One Legged Split Squats – 1x each leg = 1 (TBTF), M – Starjumps (Katniss), B – Lunges – 1x each leg = 1 (Captain Crunch), Merkins (Noodles) – Bonus – Bear Crawl (Gummi Bear) at every bridge along the way.

Workout began with a mosey on the back end of the AO and then along the short mile route. PAX would perform an exercise in increments of 1 beginning w/ Bodybuilders at each street lamp (SL). Ex: SL #1 – 1 Bodybuilder, SL #2 – 2 Bodybuilders, SL #3 and so on until reaching five. At the 6th SL – 5 Bodybuilders + start of next exercise (One legged Split Squats – 1x each leg =1) and so on. PAX that finish would complete a total of 105 bodybuilders, 80 One Legged Split Squats, 55 Starjumps, 30 Lunges, 25 Merkins along the route. Moseyed back to AO parking lot for time.

NoR: Da Vinci, Archive, Gummi Bear, JLiz (FNG), Katniss, Shiplap, TBTF, Captain Crunch, Noodles (Q).

CoT: Prayers for Archive and return to on-site duties with his employer, same to all of those being integrated back to on site duties. Prayers for Wheaton College and recent coverage in news, requesting wisdom on both parties to exercise fairness and good judgment. Ultimate judgment to be left to our Lord and Savior. Prayers for continued health and motivation as we continue to grow as an AO.