8.17.20 — Killer Bags

7 PAX (Shiplap, Too Big Too Fail, Banks, DaVinci, Sparrow, Archive, Captain Crunch(QIC)) continued their August with the singular goal of being too sore to do IronPAX. Shiplap brought some heat this morning with an EC sandbag/coupon circuit for the four PAX who wanted to kick-start their Monday.

Shiplap with that wild animal look in his eyes on a heavy-hitting EC:


Afterwards they kept the weight heavy as the sandbags left the AO for some time on the march and a small reminder of the pain in store next month.

Warm O Rama:

  • Motivators IC x 5
  • Mountain Man Poopers IC x 15
  • Standing leg and back stretches


Ruck to the Falcon’s fields. PAX divided up into two teams, forming two side by side columns. Each team took one sandbag for the frontmost PAX, who set the pace, dropping the bag for the next PAX and falling in at the rear of their column (reverse scout-run style). Gung-ho PAX (Archive/Banks) initiated a ruck+sandbag shuffle, which set an accelerated pace for the remainder of the march.

Arriving at the closed football field, the PAX marched on for the baseball fields and a modified reprise of last years IronPAX “Killer Bs” workout:

Each team of PAX complete the following set on repeat.

  • Ruck Drag (10 yards)
  • 10 Burpees (Jumping over rucks)
  • 10 Bonnie Blairs (or standing lunges) while holding ruck
  • 10 Big-Boy Sit-ups

PAX take turns running the sandbag down to the third base line and back to the group, handing off to the next PAX. AMRAP until time to ruck back, using the same formation and a faster pace.

Brief Mary:

  • 40 ruck curls OYO
  • Copperhead Deep Ruck Squats IC x 20

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for the group to continue pressing in hard this week to the challenges and obstacles that we will face. — To remember our need to share our weight and to take on others burdens — for strength and wisdom to protect and support those who are weak and resist those who are strong but evil. — Blessings on the good line-up of VQs this week!