8/25/2020 Backblast: Econ and F3

Excellent showing of 18 PAX ready to enjoy the sunrise and cool morning weather. PAX in attendance:  HotBox, Gummi Bear, Captain Crunch, Panhandle, Da Vinci, Shiplap, Wet Burrito, Smokey, Yoyorabbit, Tortuga, Taco Bell, Bloomer, Crack, TBTF, Sparrow, Katniss, SAGA, and Big Mac.

Disclaimer – I’m not a professional, don’t be like Michael Scott, make good decisions. F3 has no monetary cost, but all choices come with costs.

Economics – Study of the allocation of scarce resources (study of choice)


7 count motivators

Forward arm circles – Think about why you are here

Backward arm circles –

Tappy taps

Air squats – in cadence 10 count (Weight on heel, cross 90 degrees, fully extend hips when standing, don’t let knees pass toes.)

Burpees – 5 on your own (Chest touches ground, hands above head with feet off the ground)

Merkins –  in cadence 8 count (Elbow passes 90 degrees, further out works shoulders, further back works triceps, middle gets the chest)

Lunges – in cadence 8 count (Back knee gets below back heel, front knee doesn’t pass front toe)

Black Widows – in cadence 10 count (Plank, bring one knee in, back foot pushes up to toe and return)

Thang: Mosey to area just south of basketball courts.

Economists assume decisions are made in order to achieve a set of objectives. For the next 5 minutes, objective, as many safely completed reps within time constraints.

1 minute each exercise option to increase challenge at 30 seconds.

Air squats (with jump)


Merkins (with hand release)

Lunges (Bonnie Blairs)

Black widow knee slides

Recover for 10

Get to Hoffa as fast as possible.

Decisions are made within a context. Laws of nature, norms of humans all affect how we make our decisions. In fact the decisions and anticipated reactions of others create part of the context within which we make our own decisions.

Next set to be completed with a partner, one completing static exercises and observing the one completing active exercises.

Active are the same 5 as the prior round. Static are

Al Gore, Boat (30 seconds each side), Superman, Plank, Static lunge (30 seconds each side)

Return to area south of basketball courts. Objective: get to know your partner a little better.

Final set, instead of external monitoring, the suggested objective is to focus on form over quantity of reps.

Return to the parking lot.

Reflection – OT: work towards righteousness through the outside monitoring of the law, NT: transform your objectives so that external monitoring is not necessary. What are your objectives?


Praying for pure motivation, wisdom and grace in a challenging conversation, and for friends who recently called off a wedding days before it was planned.

Thanks for a great morning, for showing up, working hard, and for all the encouragement you give to me! I appreciate this group of men.