12/19 – Backblast (SATurday Results)

15 PAX showed up having prepared (or not) for the big exam. In attendance: Jolly, Archive, Da Vinci, Beaker, Sparrow, DBC, TBTF, Wet Burrito, SAGA, K-Pop, Loafers, Crash, Crack, Rainman, BigMac

Warmup: Motivators and other similar activities that help to warm the mind and body.

The Test: Section A – (AKA Thang 1)

Each HIM takes turns choosing one of the available exercises (Goblet squats, Rows, Blockbees, Bonnie Blairs, hand release merkins, Overhead press, Murder Bunnies, curls, kettle bell swings, star jumps, skull crushers). Then the Q gives a question and all PAX perform 5x the number of PAX who answered incorrectly of the exercise chosen (or 3x for the blockbees). Everybody who gets it wrong runs the hill.

  1. Where were the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights stored during World War II? Hint: Army post in the south (Fort Knox)
  2. What is one of two states that don’t observe daylight savings? (Arizona and Hawaii)
  3. What was the first toy to be advertised on television? Hint: It’s a vegetable (Mr. Potato head)
  4. Which state produces nearly half of the country’s rice? Hint: It’s in the south (Arkansas)
  5. What is the loudest animal on earth? Hint: It lives in the ocean (a sperm whale)
  6. How many trees are on the earth? It’s 3 billion, 30 billion or 300 billion or 3 trillion (3 trillion)
  7. What was the first animated film to be nominated for best picture at the academy awards? (Beauty and the Beast)
  8. What is boanthropy? (A disorder that leads people to believe they are a bovine animal)
  9. Where does the term soccer come from? A) name of famous player, B) An abbreviation C) The name of a prominent field D) An acronym
  10. What fraction of the population has black or brown hair? (Get within 10%) 90%
  11. What country has the most fresh water in the world? (Brazil)

The Test: Section B – (AKA Thang 2)

All HIMs guess a numerical answer and then everyone does the difference between the actual number and the worst guess.

  1. Based on McDonald’s website, their double quarter pounder with cheese contained 19 grams of saturated fat. Based on a 2000 calorie diet, what percentage of the recommended daily allowance for saturated fat has the burger supplied? (95 %)

Shoulder taps

  • Approximately how much of the average body weight is muscle? (40%)


  • A pound of muscle burns calories x times faster than a pound of fat. What is x? (3)

Hoffa runs

  • By age 80 the average person has walked about how many miles? Round to the nearest 1000 miles. (110,000 miles)


  • How much time on average does food take to get from mouth to butt in hours? 53 hours

Seal jumps

Results: It would appear that working at a library seems like a good activity to make one better at trivia (@Archive). Unfortunately, most of us don’t work at a library so that meant a lot of other work was completed instead. Even still, everyone finished the exam and credit was given for either a correct answer or completing the exercises. So a good showing all around.

Moleskin: In many economic models, inputs to production are assumed to have a positive cross partial derivative. Basically, that means the inputs are better together, better tools make a worker more productive per hour, more fertilizer makes the land more productive in a season etc. I think F3 members have a positive cross partial derivative. Thanks for making me better!

12/5 Backblast – The first officially unofficial annual F3 Collective Olympics recap

Organize Your Own Olympic Games, at Home - The New York Times

Tensions were high, in fact there was an unofficial protest against the first officially unofficial annual F3 Collective Olympics in the form of a padlock preventing access to the official intended grounds of the games, so events were moved to the unofficial grounds.

Athletes in attendance: Panhandle, Katniss, Cookies, Tortuga, SAGA, Beaker, Big Mac, Noodles and Rain Man (FNG).


“No one wins alone, no one loses alone.”


7 – motivators.



Slow jog with two sets of 10 burpees – run around lake.

On far side split up into two teams:

Event 1: The ball kick. – Set up two cones a good distance apart.

Choose a rep from each team. They kick the ball,  bear crawl to the other cone. Measure distance from cone. For each pace away from the target cone we do 5 merkins (15 paces, 75 merkins). Kick back, walking lunges back. For each pace away from the target we do 10 air squats. (10 paces, 100 air squats). Whichever team wins gets to celebrate with star jumps, losing team mourns with burpees 5x the difference. 25x burpees or star jumps. Team 2 wins.

Event 2: Bags – 3 rounds

Round 1: See how many we get on the board,5 coupon swings for total points. (No points were scored, so we did 50 swings as penance for our ineptitude.)

Round 2: See how many we get on the board, 5x hodors per point. (Blue scored 2, red scored 1), 15 hodors.

Round 3: See how many we get on board, 1x hill runs per point. (Blue scored 2, red scored 0), 2 hill runs.

Whichever team wins gets to celebrate with star jumps, losing team mourns with burpees 5x the difference. 15x burpees or star jumps. Team 2 wins.

Event 3: Stomp Rocket – Similar to ball kick.

Lunge walk to other cone.

5x bonnie blairs for each one off.

Burpee broad jump back

5x merkins each one off.

Whichever team wins gets to celebrate with star jumps, losing team mourns with burpees 5x the difference. Both were 7 paces away so everyone did 5x of star jumps and burpees and we declared team 1 the winner because, biased judging and closer scores are more exciting.

Final event: Murder Bunny 100 yard dash. Thwarted due to time and blocked off track. We did a rifle carry across the parking lot and back instead. Excitement was so strong that everybody started before the official start was announced. For the first time ever, all 9 athletes were disqualified and no official times or winners were recorded.

While valiant efforts were displayed on all sides, team two was the winner of the first officially unofficial collaborative F3 Olympics.

CoT – Prayer for safety and health in general. Also a safe travels and good family time for SAGA.

10/13/2020 – Backblast – Da Vinci and Einstein Combined 5:30am, @ Mastodon

15 faithful HIMs faced the gloom on this chill Tuesday morning. (Crack, Crash, Jolly, Tortuga, Banks, Panhandle, Sparrow, Hotbox, Shiplap, Da Vinci, Cookies, Smokey, SAGA, TBone, BigMac)

Warmup: motivators, goof balls, mountain climbrs, bat wings,

Mosey to Shiplap’s house of pain


Da Vinci’s code (one of them) is 3. Einstein’s theory of relativity adds the dimension of time. For each muscle group, PAX perform 3 minutes of exercises focused on the area (upper body push, posterior chain lower, upper pull, anterior lower, abs) switching exercises every minute and then repeating.

(Pretty much directly taken from Athlean-X workout)

Upper Push – Decline pushups, Alt. BW Side Lateral Raises, BW Tricep Extensions

Anterior Lower – Alt step-ups, Alt Reverse Lunges, Bonnie Blairs

Upper Pull – Chinups, Inverted Rows, Back widows

Posterior Lower – Floor Bridge legs extending and contracting, Long leg marches, High hip bucks

Abs – Ab halos, crunchy frogs, sit-up alt elbow pass-throughs

Moleskin – (Lewis on relativity) Pride gets no pleasure out of having something – only out of having more of it than the next man. We say that people are proud of being rich, or clever, or good-looking, but they’re not. They are proud of being richer, or more clever, or better looking than others. If everyone else became equally rich, or clever, or good-looking, there would be nothing to be proud about. It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest.–C.S. Lewis (The Great Sin)

CoT – Prayer for safety at work, students returning to schools, effective chemo treatments, the supreme court nomination hearings.

Thanks for a great morning!

10/10/2020 – Backblast – #S.A.T.urday edition, October 10th, 5:30am, @ Tarpit

64 degrees at arrival, a serendipitous number, the square of 8, the cube of 4, and the sixth power of 2. Even the weather desired to demonstrate its mental aptitude as did 7 faithful PAX (Shiplap, Banks, Da Vinci, Noodles, Tortuga, Mose, & BigMac).

Warmup: motivators, mountain man poopers, tappy taps, good mornings, arm circles

Mosey to the field.

The Test: Section A – (AKA Thang 1)

Each HIM takes turns choosing one of the available exercises (Goblet squats, Rows, Blockbees, Bonnie Blairs, Derkins, Overhead press, Murder Bunnies). Then the Q gives a question and all PAX perform 10x the number of PAX who answered incorrectly of the exercise chosen (or 5x for the blockbees).

  1. What is the official term for a duel between 3 people (a “truel”) – Tortuga answered correctly, Shiplap chose blockbees – 25x
  2. Why are there 100 folds in a chefs hat? They represent 100 ways to cook an egg, once you know them, you can wear the hat…unfortunately none of us knew that so 60 rows (Banks)
  3. Which country has the unicorn as their national animal? (Scotland) again no one answered correctly so 60 Bonnie Blairs (Tortuga)
  4. What is the most common state bird? The cardinal (only 2 incorrect answers), 20 murder bunnies (Noodles)
  5. What is the painting ‘La Gioconda’ More usually known as? The Mona Lisa (100% correct) but we did 20 derkins anyways, #overachievers (Da Vinci…duh)
  6. Which bone are babies born without? Knee cap (is that a bone…) 60 goblet squats (Mose)
  7. What is the most expensive home in the world? Buckingham Palace (Mose got it correct!) 50 overhead presses

The Test: Section B – (AKA Thang 2)

All HIMs guess a numerical answer and then everyone does the difference between the actual number and the worst guess.

About how many grapes go into a bottle of wine? 700 (worst guess was 200 off) 200 air squats.

How many Grammys did Elvis win? 3 (worst guess was 17 off) 17 burpees

Approximately how much does a blue whale’s heart weight? 400 lbs (worst guess was really really far off) 200 lunges

What fraction of the speeches in Shakespeare’s plays are by women? 17% (farthest off – 90%) 73 big boy situps

How many states in the Estados Unidos de Mexico? 32 (farthest off 7) 25 coupon swings.

Thang 3: 8 minutes of abs

No breaks:

25 crunchy frogs

25 bicycles forward

25 bicycles backwards

25 wide-leg up and out cross sit-ups

25 slow 4-count flutter-kicks

25 alternating sit-up V-reach

50 American Hammers (both sides counts as 1)

Corrective: lawn-mowers

Exam Results: We’re not necessarily good at random trivia, but we’re happy to make up for it in hard work. 100% all around.

Moleskin – Life is full of choices but what is freedom? Classical view – the ability to fulfill the purpose for which you exist, Modern view – A removal of constraint on your decision making.

CoT – Praise for great weather and a happy ending to Da Vinci’s legal matters.

Thanks for a great morning!

9/30/2020 – Backblast – EC Wednesday – Half a feast

Images: An Hour in Glen Ellyn

Beautiful morning (night?) 50+ degrees at arrival, but we were sadly one burrito short of a full feast. Post shred-tember crazy showing was a bit on the light side 3 HIMs in attendance (Noodles, T-Bone and BigMac).

Disclaimer: I’m still not a professional. If I were then your bad decisions would apparently become my fault, but since I’m not, you’re responsible for them.

Worm-o-Rama: Motivators x7; Stretching (arms, hamstrings, quads), calf raises

Thang: 3 minutes focusing on one area of body-weight strength training, max reps each minute, switch exercise on the minute. (Largely ripped from Athlean-x workout)

2 Rounds of:
Focus 1: Lower Body Anterior Chain
Exercise 1: Alternating Single Leg Box Squats
Exercise 2: 1.5 bottom-out squats
Exercise 3: Jump Squats

Focus 2: Upper Body Upper Push
Exercise 1: Decline push-ups
Exercise 2: Rotational push-ups
Exercise 3: Cobra push-ups

Focus 3: Lower Body Posterior Chain
Exercise 1: Alternating single-leg heel touches
Exercise 2: Alternating sprinter lunges
Exercise 3: Plyometric Alternating sprinter lunges

Focus 4: Upper Body Pull
Exercise 1: Supported pull-ups on fence
Exercise 2: Lateral pull-ups
Exercise 3: Player’s choice

Focus 5: Core
Exercise 1: Supported pull-ups on fence
Exercise 2: Black-widow knee raises
Exercise 3: Levitation ab raises

Corrective: Superman with flaps (1 minute)

Prayer for: Friend’s chemo starts Monday, T-bone family friend in surgery today, father of 10, prayer for safe transitions back to in-person church, and prayer for healing in country.

Reflection: I like big groups and I like small groups, thankful for others to workout with.

9/22/2020 -Backblast – Tuesday Bootcamp #Focus

A nice crisp morning, day before the final IronPax workout, boy is it getting dark out here. All the more reason to #focus. 14 HIMs showed (BigMac, Cookies, Noodles, Saga, Shamu, Gummi Bear, Shiplap, Cap’n Crunch, Smokey, Panhandle, Da Vinci, Wet Burrito, Bloomer, Tortuga, T-Bone).

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, you know more than me about your situation. It’s on you to #focus


Good Mornings; Tappy taps; Goofballs; Toy soldiers (Katniss style); Mountain climbers

Thang 1: W a partner #focus on form, prepare for tomorrow’s Q
Burpee block jump overs x10
Murder bunnies 10 out & 10 back
Block thrusters x10
Alternative merkins x10
Curl presses x10
Vertical block windshield wipers x10

Thang 2: “Hill” run (Building #focus now)
Each round builds one more exercise and repeats all the preceding exercises and quantities.
1x Run up (or down)
2x Burpees
3x Merkins
4x Lateral lunge (both sides=1)
5x Mountain climbers (both sides=1)
6x Reverse planks
7x Air squats (90 degrees)
8x Standard lunges (both sides=1)
9x Plank high-lows (both arms down and up=1)
10x Alternating leg-arm plank lifts (both sides=1)
11x Star jumps
12x Hodors (all together)
Mosey back

Moleskin: How are you spending your #focus?
Turns out our minds can only consciously focus on one thing at a time. That makes it a scarce resource (ECONOMICS BABY!). Use it wisely!
Philippians 4:8, NIV: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

Prayer for: Jobs/school, exhaustion, friend of Smokey’s, friend of Bloomer’s wife’s cancer treatment.

8/25/2020 Backblast: Econ and F3

Excellent showing of 18 PAX ready to enjoy the sunrise and cool morning weather. PAX in attendance:  HotBox, Gummi Bear, Captain Crunch, Panhandle, Da Vinci, Shiplap, Wet Burrito, Smokey, Yoyorabbit, Tortuga, Taco Bell, Bloomer, Crack, TBTF, Sparrow, Katniss, SAGA, and Big Mac.

Disclaimer – I’m not a professional, don’t be like Michael Scott, make good decisions. F3 has no monetary cost, but all choices come with costs.

Economics – Study of the allocation of scarce resources (study of choice)


7 count motivators

Forward arm circles – Think about why you are here

Backward arm circles –

Tappy taps

Air squats – in cadence 10 count (Weight on heel, cross 90 degrees, fully extend hips when standing, don’t let knees pass toes.)

Burpees – 5 on your own (Chest touches ground, hands above head with feet off the ground)

Merkins –  in cadence 8 count (Elbow passes 90 degrees, further out works shoulders, further back works triceps, middle gets the chest)

Lunges – in cadence 8 count (Back knee gets below back heel, front knee doesn’t pass front toe)

Black Widows – in cadence 10 count (Plank, bring one knee in, back foot pushes up to toe and return)

Thang: Mosey to area just south of basketball courts.

Economists assume decisions are made in order to achieve a set of objectives. For the next 5 minutes, objective, as many safely completed reps within time constraints.

1 minute each exercise option to increase challenge at 30 seconds.

Air squats (with jump)


Merkins (with hand release)

Lunges (Bonnie Blairs)

Black widow knee slides

Recover for 10

Get to Hoffa as fast as possible.

Decisions are made within a context. Laws of nature, norms of humans all affect how we make our decisions. In fact the decisions and anticipated reactions of others create part of the context within which we make our own decisions.

Next set to be completed with a partner, one completing static exercises and observing the one completing active exercises.

Active are the same 5 as the prior round. Static are

Al Gore, Boat (30 seconds each side), Superman, Plank, Static lunge (30 seconds each side)

Return to area south of basketball courts. Objective: get to know your partner a little better.

Final set, instead of external monitoring, the suggested objective is to focus on form over quantity of reps.

Return to the parking lot.

Reflection – OT: work towards righteousness through the outside monitoring of the law, NT: transform your objectives so that external monitoring is not necessary. What are your objectives?


Praying for pure motivation, wisdom and grace in a challenging conversation, and for friends who recently called off a wedding days before it was planned.

Thanks for a great morning, for showing up, working hard, and for all the encouragement you give to me! I appreciate this group of men.