IronPax Week 2 Backblast

Today’s workout was expertly crafted by the HIM of F3Greenwood. We did exactly what was specified, but added our own spin, specifically: Sprinklers and Flamingos.

Winners: Banks, T-Bone, Captain Crunch, Saga, Crack, Too Big To Fail, Gummy Bear, Big Mac, Shiplap, Noodles, Katness, Tortuga, Sparrow

Here’s the short version (see embedded GIF):

Here’s a link to the long version:
(Note to future readers, that dropbox link will be dead sometime within the next 80 years, as will I. Future readers, is the future cool? Do you have jetpacks, flying cars, or child safety seats that buckle easily? Do bicycle helmets still pinch your neck skin? Do you still carry a “phone” in your pocket, or are they implanted? Do you even call it a phone? If someone offers you a “phone” implant that says “666”, don’t do it.)

Here are the details of the workout:

2020 IronPAX Challenge Week 2