9.11.2020 AO to AO Night Run

Six paxs; Crack, Double Beef & Chedder, Shamu, Noodles, Tortuga, and Gummibear posted at 9pm for a night run of 6 miles. Originally, we had just three paxs HC, but within a few hours of the event we had three more HCs including Double Beef and Chedder HC’ing with a buzzer beater minutes before.

Warm up: 5 minute stretch followed by about a quarter mile jog

Thang: Run from AO mastodan to AO Tarpit and back. 6 miles. This was a group run that included several releases. It was awesome to see that we all came in under 54 minutes to complete this. Kudos to Noodles for coming in under 54 minutes having never run six miles before, with his longest run prior to this being 2 miles. Running 6 miles at under a 9 minute mile pace!

Cooldown: walk around parking lot and stretch on your own.

NOR/COT: Crack; time away from home for work and hosting students at his home. Noodles and all of us being thankful for a group such as this to be able to post at for a 9pm friday workout and push one another.

Moleskin: It really is awesome to throw out a friday evening workout event idea such as this and get such a good response.