9.11.20 — IPC week 3 EC Recovery Yoga

After a long week of solid posts and getting after coupons, squats, and general exertion, YHC invited and guilted various PAX down to the AO for some active recovery. The recipe was the same (see previous lists), but except for myself and Big Mac the players were all different! 6 PAX (Gummi Bear, Crack, Big Mac, SAGA, Tortuga, Captain Crunch) posted for the typical jog and some good time stretching out.

Nicely cool but no breeze. The clouds gave us a slight misting at the end as we wound down, which was well timed as a soft closing to our week. The feeling after was very chill and loose among all the PAX (check the Name-o-rama vid!).

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for flexibility and grace with others and sustainable effort through the weeks — against injury and over extending — for the wisdom to know when to rest and to abide