9/30/2020 – Backblast – EC Wednesday – Half a feast

Images: An Hour in Glen Ellyn

Beautiful morning (night?) 50+ degrees at arrival, but we were sadly one burrito short of a full feast. Post shred-tember crazy showing was a bit on the light side 3 HIMs in attendance (Noodles, T-Bone and BigMac).

Disclaimer: I’m still not a professional. If I were then your bad decisions would apparently become my fault, but since I’m not, you’re responsible for them.

Worm-o-Rama: Motivators x7; Stretching (arms, hamstrings, quads), calf raises

Thang: 3 minutes focusing on one area of body-weight strength training, max reps each minute, switch exercise on the minute. (Largely ripped from Athlean-x workout)

2 Rounds of:
Focus 1: Lower Body Anterior Chain
Exercise 1: Alternating Single Leg Box Squats
Exercise 2: 1.5 bottom-out squats
Exercise 3: Jump Squats

Focus 2: Upper Body Upper Push
Exercise 1: Decline push-ups
Exercise 2: Rotational push-ups
Exercise 3: Cobra push-ups

Focus 3: Lower Body Posterior Chain
Exercise 1: Alternating single-leg heel touches
Exercise 2: Alternating sprinter lunges
Exercise 3: Plyometric Alternating sprinter lunges

Focus 4: Upper Body Pull
Exercise 1: Supported pull-ups on fence
Exercise 2: Lateral pull-ups
Exercise 3: Player’s choice

Focus 5: Core
Exercise 1: Supported pull-ups on fence
Exercise 2: Black-widow knee raises
Exercise 3: Levitation ab raises

Corrective: Superman with flaps (1 minute)

Prayer for: Friend’s chemo starts Monday, T-bone family friend in surgery today, father of 10, prayer for safe transitions back to in-person church, and prayer for healing in country.

Reflection: I like big groups and I like small groups, thankful for others to workout with.