12/9 – AO Tarpit – B-B-B-B-BLIMPS (Hindenburg style)

  • PAX – “10” PAX in attendance; 11 under previous counting methodology
  • WoR – Motivators x7, Abe Vigotas x15, ballerina toe squats x10, arm circles/chinooks (30 seconds each variation)
  • Thang – Hindenburg BLIMPS with the Hightower burpee routine replacing the standard burpee routine. We did the burpees as a PAX and then assigned four corners of the field for the remaining “LIMP” portion of the beatdown. For each exercise we start at one corner and do each exercise (25 reps) at each corner, we moseyed or bear crawled between corners. We eventually eliminated the bear crawl and cut reps to 10 as needed in order to finish the routine on time.
    • B – The Hightower – (in memory of fallen F3 Mrytle Beach HIM/first responder) – 5 burpee variations, 9 reps each
      • Standard Burpees x9
      • Bodybuilders (burpee w plank jack) x9
      • Triple Merkin Burpee (burpee with 3 hand release merkins) x9
      • Triple Jump Squat Burpee (burpee ending w 3 jump squats) x9
      • All together = Triple Merkin, Triple Jump Squat Bodybuilder Burpees – burpee w 3 hand release merkins, plank jack, 3 jump squats) x9 <<– Super Fun!!
    • L – Lunges x25 per corner = 100 total
    • I – Imperial Walkers x25 per corner = 100 total
    • M – Merkins x25 per corner = 100 total
    • P – Plank Jacks x25 per corner = 100 total
    • S – Squats x25 per corner = 100 total
  • NoR (11) – Katniss, Noodles, Rain Maker, Tortuga, Jolly, Big Mac, Archive, Wet Burrito, Banks, Shiplap, TBTF
  • CoT – prayers for each other and the support and motivation we provide to the PAX as a whole, prayers for health and safety of our families and communities

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