12/31/20 – AO Mastodon: Reflections on COVID, 2020, and the year to come

13 PAX showed up on a brisk, icy morning to commemorate the close of 2020 and look ahead towards the new year.

Motivators – IC 7, Tappy Taps – IC 19, Abe Vigodas – IC 20, Arm Circles – IC 21 (10 forward, 11 reverse)

The Thang:
The PAX counted off and formed 3 groups. Each group moved to one of 3 stations.
Station 1: Pull-ups (19 reps)
Station 2: Atomic Merkins (20 reps) – feet on a swing, perform standard merkin. When arms are at full extension, pull knees to chest then extend again.
Station 3: Bonnie Blairs (21 reps, 1 leg = 1 rep)

After all reps were completed, PAX moved to the next station. When all 3 stations were complete, the PAX moseyed (shuffled) up snowy, icy Hoffa and performed 10 burpees before returning to their first station.
As there were remnants of sleds at the base of Hoffa, several of the PAX decided that it would be better (easier? more enjoyable?) to attempt to sled down the hill rather than mosey. Hilarity ensued, but all PAX survived the return trip.

Each group completed 4 rounds, totaling (hopefully) 76 pull-ups, 80 atomic merkins, 84 Bonnie Blairs, and 40 burpees.

Name-O-Rama: Double Beef & Cheddar, Crash, Sparrow, T-Bone, Tortuga, Jolly, Da Vinci, Hot Box, SAGA, Beaker, Cap’n Crunch, Katniss, Crack (Q).

COT: Praise for making it through 2020, prayers for the coming year.

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