Poison Pill Remix

Backblast, 7/7/21, Wednesday, Tar Pit

Ten HIM posted on a sweet day for a beatdown.

WOR: motivators, cherry pickers, short mosey around the parking lot with some skipping and Michael Phelps, copperhead merkins

The Thang: Poison Pill

Partners hoisted their coupons, grabbed some chalk, and headed to the south side of the school to do battle on the legendary staircases of the Dump on the Hump (as my Wheaton North 2.0’s call it).

Teams lugged their coupons up a set of stairs. At the top they wrote an exercise. They then completed 10 of the first one written. If they were the second team there, they also did 20 of the second. Third team up: all that and 30 of the third. The third set, and only the third set, had to involve a coupon. All sets could be spit up. I might do all 20 of the first while my partner gets started on the 60 of the third.

If you arrived to find three sets already written, you had two choices: do them, cross them out and earn a point, or don’t do them, circle the whole thing and leave with no point scored. This is the poison pill. The next group up has to do double the reps and doesn’t score any points for their efforts.

If you arrive and the reps are crossed off, you restart with ten of the new exercise you write.

The time flew by, and the strategizing by Sparrow and I netted us just two points for the morning. This was enough to beat T-bone and Noodles who made themselves do Bonnie Hurleys (twice) while no one else did. They were always the bridesmaid, but never the bride. Zero points (but stronger legs!). Three of the five teams scored two. Two teams scored zero. With no time left for a tie breaker, the QIC was left to ponder future adjustments needed to the Poison Pill to speed up the scoring. Stay tuned.

NOR: Banks, Shiplap, DaVinci, BOGO, Milk Duds (respect), Noodles, T-bone (respect), Whittler, Sparrow, Tortuga (respect) (QIC)

COT: Praise for T-bone’s new job, Tortuga’s M is fully out of her deep depression and anxiety – the EMDR has been amazingly effective, Noodles has a nagging injury in a leg.

Moleskin: James 1:19 “Know this,my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.”

This verse was helpful during our three week road trip out west.