Run Club – 7/9/21

After a week of hot, humid weather, the chill of the gloom was a welcome change. 10 PAX plus our four-legged buddy posted for run club this morning, some nursing the after-effects of what sounded like a fun 2nd F evening at T-Bone’s last night.

The Thang: Run
We headed north by northwest on the prairie path, starting all together and slowly splitting into 4 groups based on speed. At the halfway point (~5:55am) we turned around and headed back. The fast group ended up with 5mi, and the slowest group with 4.5mi.

NoR: Tortuga (respect), Dr. Phil, Cheeese (respect), Da Vinci, Whittler, Babysitter, T-Bone (respect), Jolly, Katniss, Crack, Dooley Dog (Q)