2.0 Day

Part 1: Big Kids (PG-13)

A very rare event in the life of F3, teenage children of both genders were allowed to work out with their fathers. Fathers who bring their 2.0s assume the risk of injury for themselves, their 2.0’s and their underfunded defined benefit pension plan.

Disclaimer, Count off, Here we go:

Warmups (Warm-o-Rama)

Motivators 7

Tap-y-Taps 10

Mountain Man Poopers 10

Abe Vagodas 10

Ranger Merkins 10

Thing 1 Scout Run

Scout Run, two by two, with flags. Short loop towards Hoffa. Flags stay in front. Scouts run from the back and accept the flag from the former line leader.


Thing 3 NERF

Split into to teams on opposite sides of the grass. Someone calls a high count exercise. The first two people who complete the reps run forward and grab a nerf gun. Anybody they shoot has to do 5 burpees immediately. If the two nerf guns are split between the two teams, they can shoot each other and the round is over. If both guns end on the same team, it’s a massacre. The madness ends when someone else finishes the reps and makes it to the top of Hoffa Hill.

Merkins 50

Big Boy Situps 40

Prisoner Squats 40

Little Baby Crunches 100

Bonnie Kathleen Blairs 40

Flutter Kicks (one is one) 100

Thing 4 Dora

DORA up Hoffa

100 Merkins
100 Squats
After the reps are completed, Noah’s ark up the hill. Choose an animal (crab, bear, bunny hop, Murder Bunny) and go two by two up the hill.

Thing 5 Global Warming


Count off.

PART 2: Little Kids

A lot of little kids came and did a lot of big things. Daddy’s-back pushups, weighted squats, 2.0 curls. Race up Hoffa and back (winner gets a donut). Pax Choice.

COT/NOR welcome FNGs.
Over the the SHOP for lots of donuts and refreshments courtesy of Big Mac, Katniss and Banks.
The 2nd F event while the kids play lasted roughly 2 hours. A good time was had by all. S.D.G.