Backblast: Tuesday August 17th 5:30am AO Mastodon

T-Bone’s 70’s Show

17 Pax gathered for some old school rock ‘n roll

WOR: Glen Campbell – “Rhinestone Cowboy” – old man burpees, goofballs, tappy taps, quad stretch, runners stretch

Mosey to Hoffa: Free – “All Right Now”

Thang 1: Aerosmith – “Dream On” – Short lap with a set of 10 Burpees

Thang 2: Groovy Dora – Partner A – run up hoffa, 5 burpees, run down and swap with Partner B who performs exercises at base of Hoffa – exercises change with each song – partners continue rotating throughout (1 running and one working)

Song 1: Heart – “Crazy on You” – Derkins and BBSU
Song 2: Boston – “More than a Feeling” – OH Press and Flutter Kicks
Song 3: Petra – “God Gave RnR to you” – Blockees and Jollys
Song 4: Bob Seger – “Old Time RnR” – Curls and Squat Jumps
Song 5: The Cars – “Just What I Needed” – Thrusters and Jollys
Song 6: Blondie – “One Way or Another” – Skull Crushers and LBC’s
Song 7: Tom Petty – “Refugee” – Grave Diggers and American Hammers
Song 8: Pink Floyd – “Another Brick in the Wall pt2” – Chest Press and Leg Raises

Thang 3: Queen – “We are the Champions” – Run up Hoffa, 10 burpees in cadence, 1 minute plank, mosey to flag

NOR: Banks, Shiplap, Tortuga, Saga, Sparrow, Capn Crunch, Wet Burrito, Bad Debt, Bloomer, Panda Express, Cheese, 8-Track, Jolly, Panhandle, Katniss, Drumline, T-bone (Q)

Moleskin: Be on a spiritual journey – encourage your kids and your spouse on their journey – wherever they may be – everyone’s stories are still being written – be willing to talk about it with your family (and with your fellow PAX).

COT: School beginnings, Afghanistan, Haiti